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When I Heard, I Just Said No

America’s Lady in Red is back with her Ronnie.

Nancy Reagan passed away yesterday at the towering age of 94.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was just that in so many ways. People first looked to Mrs. Reagan as a personification of grace, intelligence, class and style. She was a one-of-a-kind First Lady of the United States of America. Nancy Reagan will be remembered for her love and devotion to her husband, the conservative cause and for epitomizing what the First Lady should exemplify. Far too often we are forced to look to movies for showcasing the best of a modern American president and first family (Independence Day, Air Force One), but Nancy and Ronald Reagan (former actors themselves) turned that perception into a lasting reality.

They were positive, optimistic role models for people (in and out of politics alike).

The Reagan''s Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

(Photo courtesy Ronald Reagan Presidental Library/Getty Images)

Nancy Reagan was surely shocked at the state of vulgarity, lack of civility and absence of optimism in the current race for president. Hopefully, this picture and many others of Nancy Reagan with her husband will send the exact right (and necessary) shock waves to voters of what a first family of the United States should personify.

Republicans loved and idolized her, but so did Americans of varying political stripes. Let’s hope (and pray) people’s memories of her and her husband from a more civilized era can be the wild card of this political season that reveals an inspiring third act, showing the best of who we are for moving into an uncertain future.

If the past 24 hours are any indication, Americans are just saying yes to Nancy Reagan’s loving, elegant legacy.

RIP Nancy Reagan.


Fiorina’s Second Debate Win

“In a victory for the former HP CEO, the cable network announced Tuesday that it is amending its rules for qualifying for the Sept. 16 debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to include all candidates who are polling on average in the top 10 in surveys conducted after the Aug. 6 Fox News debate.”
–Zeke J. Miller (TIME)

This recent development is the sensible response by CNN. Plus, the second Republican debate on September 16th could prove to be the pivotal debate for Carly Fiorina. Why? Her fantastic performance at the “Happy Hour” debate was her first positive introduction to the country and Republican electorate, but now she has high expectations. Mrs. Fiorina has been given the opportunity to articulate her conservative message and vision at the wondrous Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

If Carly Fiorina, in front of Nancy Reagan, can channel the charming wit and grand inspiration of the man for whom the library was built, her ascent in the polls will continue and sustain during the coming months.

To stand out in the house of Reagan, she must not fall victim to or engage in shouted interruptions by desperate poll climbers, but instead rise to inspirational storytelling that illustrates how the United States of America can successfully deal with its dangerous foreign policy threats and how it will rebuild its economic foundation (opportunistic tax reform, spending reductions by focusing on the priorities of the times, structural entitlement reform, a specific plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, legal and illegal immigration, etc.) that will lead to an optimistic (yet attainable) future.

This is her chance at a very rare second first-look. There will be a particularly bright spotlight on Carly Fiorina in how she will deal with the widespread anxiety and turmoil at home and abroad.

What would Ronald Reagan do?

“Peace through strength.”

That seems like a savvy approach for the debate’s venue and for the American people tuning in.