When I Heard, I Just Said No

America’s Lady in Red is back with her Ronnie.

Nancy Reagan passed away yesterday at the towering age of 94.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was just that in so many ways. People first looked to Mrs. Reagan as a personification of grace, intelligence, class and style. She was a one-of-a-kind First Lady of the United States of America. Nancy Reagan will be remembered for her love and devotion to her husband, the conservative cause and for epitomizing what the First Lady should exemplify. Far too often we are forced to look to movies for showcasing the best of a modern American president and first family (Independence Day, Air Force One), but Nancy and Ronald Reagan (former actors themselves) turned that perception into a lasting reality.

They were positive, optimistic role models for people (in and out of politics alike).

The Reagan''s Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

(Photo courtesy Ronald Reagan Presidental Library/Getty Images)

Nancy Reagan was surely shocked at the state of vulgarity, lack of civility and absence of optimism in the current race for president. Hopefully, this picture and many others of Nancy Reagan with her husband will send the exact right (and necessary) shock waves to voters of what a first family of the United States should personify.

Republicans loved and idolized her, but so did Americans of varying political stripes. Let’s hope (and pray) people’s memories of her and her husband from a more civilized era can be the wild card of this political season that reveals an inspiring third act, showing the best of who we are for moving into an uncertain future.

If the past 24 hours are any indication, Americans are just saying yes to Nancy Reagan’s loving, elegant legacy.

RIP Nancy Reagan.


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