Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

Watching Between the Lines

Remember, “the force” started as two words on a page.

The Star Wars universe (movies, TV, merchandise, theme parks, etc.) is not only seeing a massive pop culture resurgence akin to its 1977 fanfare, but this franchise/brand is restyling movie promotions and marketing. For instance, Jimmy’s Daily Planet featured the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII‘s production announcement three weeks ago, which was a video teasing the first scene in the follow-up to The Force Awakens. That was a first; a hype video of the first day of shooting for a new film.

For marketers (and movie fans like myself), this new, dare it be said innovative, kind of announcement is exciting. However, too many teases too early does result in frustrating fatigue. Fortunately, the savvy marketing team for Star Wars has followed up their Episode VIII teaser with another video that will give fans a much quicker return than December 2017.

Remember that picture of the very first table read of The Force Awakens? The one that brought together the original cast and new blood for the revival of a globally beloved series? It appears as if curious fans will be able to get (and hear) the full experience of that now famous moment.

Ladies and gentlemen: Star Wars presents…a table read.

Star Wars has, once again, changed the way we watch movies.

Come April 5th, you can watch this iconic table read and more (as in the actual movie) in Blu-Rey.