Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

The Slide of Your Life

If you’re afraid of heights…how do I put this?

If a skyscraper of more than 70 stories doesn’t evoke a sense of wonder at being so high in the sky, a clear glass slide on the outside of said building should certainly do the trick.

Along with some possible vertigo.

Give the property owners of the U.S. Bank Tower some credit: They are gutsy and potential branding geniuses.

Starting in June, the U.S. Bank Tower will become a destination for locals and tourists alike as long as the initial reviews are positive (and safe). Local news outlets and social media will inevitably reinvigorate the buzz from today’s news and, if the thrill of gliding down a transparent slide is like a scene from Mission Impossible, this slide will become a unique L.A. experience.

More specifically: A unique U.S. Bank experience.

And experience is the optimum word: Return on Experience (ROE). If all goes well, U.S. Bank could very well become synonymous with an exciting, heart-pounding attraction.

Or, in other words, the complete opposite of banking.

Their brand would branch out beyond their serious-minded industry. U.S. Bank begins to become something more than just finance management. This company becomes an engaging story to the public.

With any good story, people always want to know what’s coming next…

P.S. $8 for a single ride, U.S. Bank? There’s a risk in this positive story morphing into a scheme of new hidden fees. Lower the price and donate proceeds to a local charity. That will get Millennials and social media on your side.