Daily Archives: March 10, 2016

March of a Penguin’s Love

We know that people would walk 500 miles (and then 500 more), but what about penguins?

Since elementary school, my love for penguins has been absolute. These flightless birds have majestic qualities and even received the documentary treatment with narration from none other than Morgan Freeman. Whether it’s the waddle, the serene way in which they swim or their impeccable formal dinner party style, this animal seems to have a special place in people’s hearts. This despite the fact that a penguin is not the fiercest, not the strongest and not the most agile creature on Earth.

However, there’s an argument to made for penguins being the best animal on this planet.

With all of the chaos and problems around the globe, it’s inspiring to see a story like Dindim and his Brazilian friend that reminds us of the wonder and love in the world.

Is it legal to adopt a penguin as a pet?