Daily Archives: March 25, 2016

These Sounds Will Not Be Silent

Batman or Superman?

Fortunately, there’s a cinematic battle between these two DC Universe icons in Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeĀ that will finally answer this age old question. This movie of epic proportions premieres in theaters today and the hype, expectations and immediate future of both characters is on the line.

Henry Cavill gave moviegoers an introduction to his Superman in 2013s Man of Steel and Ben Affleck is following the damn-near perfect (if not arguably perfect) portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman with The Dark Knight trilogy that concluded just 4 short years ago.

No pressure there.

I have not seen Batman v Superman yet, but there have been plenty of teasers and trailers lately (too many?) that, visually, the movie’s look has been pretty well revealed. How about the soundtrack? This movie is interesting in that it has two very familiar composers. Hans Zimmer composed a brilliant Dark Knight trilogy score and he also did Man of Steel’s wonderful soundtrack with assistance from Junkie XL.

Playing on his expertise with both superheroes, Mr. Zimmer collaborated with soundtrack veteran Junkie XL and crafted the sounds of Batman v Superman.

Here’s the opening taste from the soundtrack.

Once again: Batman or Superman?