Reinventing the Wheel

How do you change the wheel?

Enter 21st century innovation.

Goodyear tires, familiar to anybody who has ever seen or owned a car (or looked up during a college football game), has dedicated its resources to envisioning a wondrous future of driving. In the real world, life-altering advancements take time, brilliance, money, luck, ingenuity, patience and courage.

And let’s not forget persistence.

Will the public (and not just investors) buy-in to a game-changing innovation?

When it comes to cars and the sad realities of inevitable accidents, repairs, flat tires, and a variety of inconveniences and limitations, people are exhausted at the same old routines of car parts not withstanding basic road conditions as they were promised at the dealership. In the same spirit as Dyson and its revolutionary design (for vacuums) of a rotating ball for limitless agility, Goodyear has released a video of a tire that could very well change the way we drive in the future that doesn’t involve the terrifying concept of a driver-less car.

That’s a very cool idea.

Did I just say tires are cool?

Yes, yes I did.

Not only do the Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tires have the realistic potential to be marketable, but these tires could transform how roads are designed in the future. At the highest level, this country’s infrastructure could be directly impacted by this tire design. Innovation takes time to become a valued and reliable product with people. There are many, many stages of development, retooling and testing.

With all that being said, that daring first step is always exciting.

It gets the ball rolling.


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