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Electricity’s Present Currency First Had a Past Current

Currently, Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars are facing a variety of challenges ranging from affordability, supply chain viability, and reliable nationwide infrastructure. But back in the 1880s, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and George Westinghouse were engaged in a battle for America’s electric future that is regarded as the “War of Currents.”

101 Studios, with an executive producer credit for Martin Scorsese, will be releasing the cleverly titled movie ‘The Current War’ that is based on the “War of Currents.” Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult), Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) will attempt to electrify (I had to) modern audiences to the inception of how the inventors and big-thinkers of the late 19th century strived to win and define America’s electrical current and future.

Check out the brand new trailer for ‘The Current War.’

The Benedict Cumberbatch-led film looks like a fascinating and dramatically engaging take (based on a true story) of an important moment in American history as well as the overarching theme of the ever-unfolding story of innovators and inventors. And, interestingly, this film that highlights the inception of America’s electric past fittingly connects modern pursuits of a wide-range of electric energy solutions.

‘The Current War’ arrives at a theater near you on October 4, 2019.


Reinventing the Wheel

How do you change the wheel?

Enter 21st century innovation.

Goodyear tires, familiar to anybody who has ever seen or owned a car (or looked up during a college football game), has dedicated its resources to envisioning a wondrous future of driving. In the real world, life-altering advancements take time, brilliance, money, luck, ingenuity, patience and courage.

And let’s not forget persistence.

Will the public (and not just investors) buy-in to a game-changing innovation?

When it comes to cars and the sad realities of inevitable accidents, repairs, flat tires, and a variety of inconveniences and limitations, people are exhausted at the same old routines of car parts not withstanding basic road conditions as they were promised at the dealership. In the same spirit as Dyson and its revolutionary design (for vacuums) of a rotating ball for limitless agility, Goodyear has released a video of a tire that could very well change the way we drive in the future that doesn’t involve the terrifying concept of a driver-less car.

That’s a very cool idea.

Did I just say tires are cool?

Yes, yes I did.

Not only do the Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tires have the realistic potential to be marketable, but these tires could transform how roads are designed in the future. At the highest level, this country’s infrastructure could be directly impacted by this tire design. Innovation takes time to become a valued and reliable product with people. There are many, many stages of development, retooling and testing.

With all that being said, that daring first step is always exciting.

It gets the ball rolling.

Technology’s Next Horizon is in the Desert

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show has once again provided the world with plenty of technological goodies to flash in front of the public’s intrigued eyes. One of the most buzzed about prototypes is a television set that can gently bend toward the viewer.

Bigger question: How far behind is the smart phone/tablet that can gently bend?

Unfortunately, that question will remain frozen in the desert on a CES stage like famed Transformers director Michael Bay.

Sometimes, the mind fills with every thought except the one you need.

Anyways…There always seems to be a laundry list of impressive gadgets at the CES that demonstrate superb advancements in the arena of consumer technology. However, in what year will the public be treated to a lifestyle breakthrough. Perhaps this vision can only be seen by someone like the late Steve Jobs, but where is the iHome? Forget curved televisions for a moment and imagine an entire wall or walls that functions as a television, hanging art or a myriad of other things. When will light switches be turned on and off like the on/off swipe of an iPhone or iPad?

These may not garner the flashiest headlines, but it seems like they could be part of the most practical series of market-ready products for consumers. These types of conveniences may cast the widest net in terms of real, immediate and affordable demand. There were some similar products to this made by LG for appliances, according to “2014 CES: Must-see gadgets of the trade show” by Andrea Domanick of the Las Vegas Sun.

But will these types of products soon extend beyond basic appliances and to the structure/DNA of a home? In 2015, will consumers see another technological breakthrough for eyes only or will they experience a technological breakthrough meant for touching?

Either way, HGTV may need to soon hire its own Geek Squad for its home shows…

Discovering the Line Between Crazy & Genius

The story about Elon Musk and his design for a “hyperloop” instantly sparked an internal curiosity. Not simply regarding its logistics (seems logical and realistic), but more so about the welcome mat that is anxiously waiting to be stepped on by the man or woman who invents the next preeminent transportation technology. Currently, this mat is unguarded and is pining for the next great innovative masterpiece to transform the means by which the public travels from Point A to Point B without an exhaustive layover in the overcrowded Point C.

This next breakthrough will all but certainly strive for the luxury, status and environment that was omnipresent on Pan-Am during their prime and other airlines before some fliers began stepping onto those powerfully fast jets in their bathroom attire whilst also forgetting their manners in the very same closet where their ironed clothes are hanging, desperately yearning for a day or night out (this is not everybody of course, but we all know there are those who do this and who fit this description all too well…).

Who will design the breakthrough travel technology that will define the forthcoming decades of the 21st century?

The infinitely inspiring element of this question is the reality that we live in an era of unprecedented possibilities where an individual can change history and society with a random, crazy idea concocted in a garage or with a random sketch in a notebook.

What will he or she dream up and ultimately create? Is it the “Hyperloop?”

Like most everybody else, I’m clicking my trusty pen, ready to research, brainstorm and scribble various thoughts on some blank sheets of paper. Ultimately, I’m remaining hopeful that lightning will strike a series of words 3/4 the way down or on a daring shape drawn in the upper right hand corner as to permit myself to proudly shout, “eureka!”

“We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate what ever aroused curiosity.”
–Orville Wright

My Mom always says that if you dress sloppy, you think sloppy.

For this massive venture, I will be sure to wear an ironed white buttoned down shirt, a sharp tie, a slim black waistcoat and some wildly colorful board shorts.

The hope being I will find grand inspiration with my formal attire serving as a tribute to past thinkers and inventors while simultaneously channeling the random, crazy idea portion of my brain with entertainingly imaginative shorts.

The best part about it is if lightning does in fact strike, I’ll only need to grab a pair of black pants and shoes and I’ll be all ready for the maiden voyage.

P.S. Thank you for reading this post and please come back again!