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The Pipe Dream: A Roundaloop?

21st-century ground transportation:

Envisioned by Elon Musk.

Traveling from Point A to Point B seems (and can literally be) pedestrian. In the modern world, there seem to be far too many detours, connecting flights, complications and mind-numbing traffic patterns to conceptualize a simplistic, easy-going path from Point A to Point B.

Then a big idea happened. And then that big idea was built and tested.

And what happens next?

Innovator Elon Musk founded The Boring Company, which is the firm that is building the Hyperloop (featured in the video above). While people won’t be lining up just yet to experience this futuristic form of transportation, the fact that a proof of concept has been achieved is a giant first step towards the reimagined American railroad. To be more precise, the reimagined American train and railroad system.

The Boring Company has essentially taken the archaic railroad system from 19th and 20th centuries and created a significantly faster 21st-century upgrade. Is it the right upgrade? Is the Hyperloop the next great innovative masterpiece in transportation we’ve been waiting for? Would you ride in the Hyperloop?

Fortunately, there’s a model (actually, a few models) to follow for judging the future progress and success of Hyperloop’s introduction to the American traveler, current and new:


Now, who is the co-founder and CEO of that innovative car company…?

Zooming Through the Looking Glass

The next several months could redefine the future of transportation in the 21st century.

The startup company Hyperloop Technologies — which takes its name from Elon Musk’s proposed invention but has no direct connection to him — announced today that it will build a test track for the ultra-fast transportation service in North Las Vegas, Nevada…The company plans to test its custom designed electric motor to speeds of up to 540 km/hour (about 335 mph) on a 1 km (about 0.62 miles) long track.
Lindsey Kratochwill, “The Hyperloop Will Begin Testing in Nevada in 2016”

Airfares continue to increase and flying attire and attitude have become far too casual, trains have limited rail systems and nobody wants to use (or at least admit) that they’ve traveled on a Greyhound bus. Like energy, alternatives to traveling from Point A to Point B are actively being explored. The Hyperloop is just the latest example that proves innovation is where the brightest future resides.

The consequence of living in a minute-to-minute (even second-to-second) society has undeniably reached the transportation sector. People crave immediacy.

Here is a video illustration of future travel that would break the (speed) limits as we know them today.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Hyperloop.

If the forthcoming tests during the first part of next year are positive for this Jetsons-like method of conveyance, the public’s reaction and inquiry will be aimed directly at Hyperloop’s team at 100 miles per hour.

Well, technically 335 miles per hour.

Discovering the Line Between Crazy & Genius

The story about Elon Musk and his design for a “hyperloop” instantly sparked an internal curiosity. Not simply regarding its logistics (seems logical and realistic), but more so about the welcome mat that is anxiously waiting to be stepped on by the man or woman who invents the next preeminent transportation technology. Currently, this mat is unguarded and is pining for the next great innovative masterpiece to transform the means by which the public travels from Point A to Point B without an exhaustive layover in the overcrowded Point C.

This next breakthrough will all but certainly strive for the luxury, status and environment that was omnipresent on Pan-Am during their prime and other airlines before some fliers began stepping onto those powerfully fast jets in their bathroom attire whilst also forgetting their manners in the very same closet where their ironed clothes are hanging, desperately yearning for a day or night out (this is not everybody of course, but we all know there are those who do this and who fit this description all too well…).

Who will design the breakthrough travel technology that will define the forthcoming decades of the 21st century?

The infinitely inspiring element of this question is the reality that we live in an era of unprecedented possibilities where an individual can change history and society with a random, crazy idea concocted in a garage or with a random sketch in a notebook.

What will he or she dream up and ultimately create? Is it the “Hyperloop?”

Like most everybody else, I’m clicking my trusty pen, ready to research, brainstorm and scribble various thoughts on some blank sheets of paper. Ultimately, I’m remaining hopeful that lightning will strike a series of words 3/4 the way down or on a daring shape drawn in the upper right hand corner as to permit myself to proudly shout, “eureka!”

“We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate what ever aroused curiosity.”
–Orville Wright

My Mom always says that if you dress sloppy, you think sloppy.

For this massive venture, I will be sure to wear an ironed white buttoned down shirt, a sharp tie, a slim black waistcoat and some wildly colorful board shorts.

The hope being I will find grand inspiration with my formal attire serving as a tribute to past thinkers and inventors while simultaneously channeling the random, crazy idea portion of my brain with entertainingly imaginative shorts.

The best part about it is if lightning does in fact strike, I’ll only need to grab a pair of black pants and shoes and I’ll be all ready for the maiden voyage.

P.S. Thank you for reading this post and please come back again!