Zooming Through the Looking Glass

The next several months could redefine the future of transportation in the 21st century.

The startup company Hyperloop Technologies — which takes its name from Elon Musk’s proposed invention but has no direct connection to him — announced today that it will build a test track for the ultra-fast transportation service in North Las Vegas, Nevada…The company plans to test its custom designed electric motor to speeds of up to 540 km/hour (about 335 mph) on a 1 km (about 0.62 miles) long track.
Lindsey Kratochwill, “The Hyperloop Will Begin Testing in Nevada in 2016”

Airfares continue to increase and flying attire and attitude have become far too casual, trains have limited rail systems and nobody wants to use (or at least admit) that they’ve traveled on a Greyhound bus. Like energy, alternatives to traveling from Point A to Point B are actively being explored. The Hyperloop is just the latest example that proves innovation is where the brightest future resides.

The consequence of living in a minute-to-minute (even second-to-second) society has undeniably reached the transportation sector. People crave immediacy.

Here is a video illustration of future travel that would break the (speed) limits as we know them today.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Hyperloop.

If the forthcoming tests during the first part of next year are positive for this Jetsons-like method of conveyance, the public’s reaction and inquiry will be aimed directly at Hyperloop’s team at 100 miles per hour.

Well, technically 335 miles per hour.


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