The Shots Heard ‘Round the World

The ’80s will light the fire within us for the rest of time…

The freshman CBS sitcom Life in Pieces has gotten better and better with each new episode. The punchlines aren’t rushed, but are developed with patience and precision. And last night’s third act not only solidified its place on Thursday’s prime time lineup, but revealed why its unique storytelling structure for the American sitcom was a great choice. Each of the family stories are initially told separately, then are cleverly interwoven. The show’s conclusion is a culmination of everybody facing and/or resolving their problems together.

After watching last night’s final scene live, I quickly tweeted about it. Once you see it below, you’ll know why.

The screenshot of said tweet is below, with two notable “likes.” Those “likes” are Maggie Mull (Life in Pieces writer) and Jason Winer (Life in Pieces director).


Oh snack! snap! (episode joke)


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