Technology’s Next Horizon is in the Desert

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show has once again provided the world with plenty of technological goodies to flash in front of the public’s intrigued eyes. One of the most buzzed about prototypes is a television set that can gently bend toward the viewer.

Bigger question: How far behind is the smart phone/tablet that can gently bend?

Unfortunately, that question will remain frozen in the desert on a CES stage like famed Transformers director Michael Bay.

Sometimes, the mind fills with every thought except the one you need.

Anyways…There always seems to be a laundry list of impressive gadgets at the CES that demonstrate superb advancements in the arena of consumer technology. However, in what year will the public be treated to a lifestyle breakthrough. Perhaps this vision can only be seen by someone like the late Steve Jobs, but where is the iHome? Forget curved televisions for a moment and imagine an entire wall or walls that functions as a television, hanging art or a myriad of other things. When will light switches be turned on and off like the on/off swipe of an iPhone or iPad?

These may not garner the flashiest headlines, but it seems like they could be part of the most practical series of market-ready products for consumers. These types of conveniences may cast the widest net in terms of real, immediate and affordable demand. There were some similar products to this made by LG for appliances, according to “2014 CES: Must-see gadgets of the trade show” by Andrea Domanick of the Las Vegas Sun.

But will these types of products soon extend beyond basic appliances and to the structure/DNA of a home? In 2015, will consumers see another technological breakthrough for eyes only or will they experience a technological breakthrough meant for touching?

Either way, HGTV may need to soon hire its own Geek Squad for its home shows…


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