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We Can Reset, but on My Terms

When can you and when can’t you?

Depends on the situation and the person.

If it’s a normal individual, then it is within the realm of possibility to hit the “reset button” in certain circumstances. If that individual is Larry David from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ then the answer is definitely no.

Hilariously no.

And, in actuality, today is the perfect day to hit the aforementioned and ever-famous reset button. Why? Because the question posed at the top is “When can you and when can’t you?”

When? On Wednesday.

You have got to admit that’s pretty good…pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Happy Monday!

Sometimes, what we need in our life is serendipitous inspiration. Other times, what we need is to hit the reset button. I hope this song will help guide you in the right direction in a remixed kind of way this Monday!

Have a Week Full of Glowing Awesomeness!