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Coldplay’s Night-Light

Coldplay isn’t just good at warm tributes, they’re also pretty good at this whole “performing” thing.

Zero score and four years ago, I was in Los Angeles, California and saw Coldplay at the picturesque Hollywood Bowl. My dad and I were halfway up in the center, which made for an awesome view. Setting wise, few (if any) outdoor venues compare. The serene SoCal evening was electrified by the pulsating sound of the pop music quartet from across the pond, bringing a random collection of fans together in a way only a concert can do. A few songs in and strangers in the rows in front of and behind us transformed into fast friends.

The power of music strikes again.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, here’s a unique look back at that night in the Hollywood Hills.

The visual artistry from that night was unforgettable. In nearly every concert, the highlight is the musical act. Except, as the 2012 show in the Hollywood Bowl revealed, there were clearly two headliners: Coldplay and the projection designers. The end result was a concert that hypnotized every person in attendance into singing and dancing.

Even Charlie Brown had a smile on his face.

P.S. Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” circa 2012 Hollywood Bowl. 

(FYI: It should be mentioned that there’s a solitary four-letter word dropped at the 2:46 mark)

P.P.S. The wristbands lit up during specific songs and moments, adding to the magical feel of the Coldplay experience.  


Happy Monday!

In my scarecrow dreams,
When they smash my heart into smithereens,
Be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete.
Be a cartoon heart,
Light a fire, a fire, a spark
Light a fire, a flame in my heart.
We’ll run wild,
We’ll be glowing in the dark

Coldplay has many, many hit songs. Some are slow and emotional and others build to a celebratory pinnacle. “Charlie Brown” combines both of these dynamics for a sound (and reaction) of inspiring brilliance.

This is especially true live in concert…

I was lucky enough to see this Coldplay tour in the picturesque setting of The Hollywood Bowl in May of 2012. The environment was just like the video above. It was crazy awesome.

Have an Animated Week!

The Magic of Stars at Midnight

British sensation Coldplay is clearly excited to release their newest collection of musical beats for the world, so much so that they continue to give their anxious fans a song here and there to listen to well before May 19th.

Say what you will about them, but they are a band of, for and with the people.

“Midnight,” “Magic” and the latest single “A Sky Full of Stars” is a trio of lyrical adventures that’s revealing a connected message with a wide-range of sounds, from something barely there in “Midnight” (like a ghost…?) to a relaxed, mesmerizing performance in “Magic” to a “Charlie Brown”-like tempo in the song below. This little-known indie band (sorry, confused today for April 1st) really does appear to be telling a series of small stories that’s guiding us towards a crescendo of something reminiscent off their recent blockbuster album “Mylo Xyloto.”

Every kind of Coldplay fan should be able to listen to a ghost story they like and believe in off this album.

Coldplay’s newest release: “A Sky Full of Stars”

“Ghost Stories” will be released in its entirety on May 19th.

Despite the digital-age we live in, it really would be fitting to camp outside a record store the night before and roast some marshmallows with friends…

How else do you prepare to listen to ghost stories?

Happy Monday!

There are days when we simply need to “remix” a few things. This can be true even for something that is already great in its original form. However, with a special edit, it can rise to a completely new, before unknown level of possibilities and excitement.

Here is the song for such a venture:

Happy Monday!