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Grown Ups Also Dream of a Popcorn Volcano

With the past few records, Coldplay has been far less cold and much more play.

There are some bands that seem to have just the right song for us, almost tailor-made when we need it most. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why Coldplay is as highly-regarded as they are these days. The British quartet understand how to hit the exact right notes, both melodically and lyrically. While rock n’ roll is the greatest form of music, there are moments when the dial needs to be turned down with an emphasis on day dreaming and our imaginations (even though the latter can contribute to what’s driving us crazy).

Slowing things down and dreaming wildly to find those precious answers to those pressing questions, this time with a perspective far beyond any construct found within our known reality?

Scroll down&down for a much-needed escape this Tuesday.

Why not see the world this way?

Don’t give your imagination the cold shoulder.



The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Karaoke

Fortunately for everybody, James Corden will not be performing on the NFL’s biggest stage (the literal stage).

This Sunday, February 7th, Coldplay will rock Super Bowl 50’s Halftime Show with hits (old and new), with help from a few of their closest friends. Their past shows have proven to be electric with a bright, pulsating energy. I speak from experience on this. This Super Bowl will likely be taken to another level.

Thanks to The Late Late Show host James Corden, Chris Martin was given the chance to remind the world that he’s a first-class performer and the best buddy riding shotgun for a classic American road trip…featuring two Brits.

Music: On.

We all wish that we sounded like Chris, but, sadly, the reality is much closer to James.

P.S. Did you hear the undercover shout-out to, “The Replacements,” an American football movie classic?

Lay Your Instruments Down

British alternative rockers Wolf Gang sadly announced their days as a rising band are over.

They created several musical hits (“The King and All of His Men,” “Black River,” “Lions in Cages,” “Back to Back,” “Lay Your Love Down”) with savvy lyrics and a sound that was just beginning to be explored and developed. The seemingly successful collaboration of Max McElligott, Lasse Petersen, Gavin Slater, James Wood and Beau Holland will now see a future of individually roaming wolves.  The wolf pack is no more.

Somewhere, Zach Galifianakis Alan is very upset.

I have great memories of seeing them live in the intimate Basement setting in Columbus, Ohio last September. Wolf Gang got the place rocking right out of the gate with “Black River” and seemed destined as the next great export from across the pond. Even though their journey has ended, in honor of “Throwback Thursday,” let’s remember Wolf Gang for what they were: talented.

(About four months before their return visit in September) I present Wolf Gang performing “Black River” in The Basement.

Despite their separation, it will be exciting to see what each member does next. However, why did they break-up?

Maybe the band actually evolved into a king and all of his men

Happy Monday!

In the case of the British band below, a gang of wolves is a good thing.

Seeing Wolf Gang in that very same location (The Basement in Columbus, Ohio) last September, just 3 1/2 months after the video shows, they left a great impression because they have an original sound and they are fantastic live. This is their opener that gets everybody’s heart racing, which also plays well for kicking off the workweek.

Interestingly, they set-up and took down their own equipment. It was a refreshing sight and it’s just one of many reasons to see bands you like in small venues every once in a while. The energy is inspiring.

Have an Awesome Week!