Lay Your Instruments Down

British alternative rockers Wolf Gang sadly announced their days as a rising band are over.

They created several musical hits (“The King and All of His Men,” “Black River,” “Lions in Cages,” “Back to Back,” “Lay Your Love Down”) with savvy lyrics and a sound that was just beginning to be explored and developed. The seemingly successful collaboration of Max McElligott, Lasse Petersen, Gavin Slater, James Wood and Beau Holland will now see a future of individually roaming wolves.  The wolf pack is no more.

Somewhere, Zach Galifianakis Alan is very upset.

I have great memories of seeing them live in the intimate Basement setting in Columbus, Ohio last September. Wolf Gang got the place rocking right out of the gate with “Black River” and seemed destined as the next great export from across the pond. Even though their journey has ended, in honor of “Throwback Thursday,” let’s remember Wolf Gang for what they were: talented.

(About four months before their return visit in September) I present Wolf Gang performing “Black River” in The Basement.

Despite their separation, it will be exciting to see what each member does next. However, why did they break-up?

Maybe the band actually evolved into a king and all of his men


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