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What Does the Foxx Say?

It has been way, way too long since Jamie Foxx has been in the news.

Luckily, Mr. Foxx not only makes an appearance in today’s blog post, but also proves why he is, as Jay Leno puts it, entertainment’s “Renaissance Man.” And, in the process, consoles an entire city draped in sadness with a brand new lyrical bedtime story.

Cleveland, OH tourism: If you’re watching and reading this, get Jamie Foxx’s agents on the phone ASAP.

Plus, call LeBron James as well.

The excitement when speaking about popular destinations in and around Cleveland, OH by LeBron James is the best pitch for a city I’ve seen in a long, long time.

That rocked.


Princess of Pop (Culture)?

Her dad was the “King of Pop” and Wendy’s does serve pop (or soda) at their restaurants…

Paris Jackson is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson. He wrote some songs, danced a little and wore a red leather jacket. Anyways, Paris has understandably stayed away from the spotlight for most of her life. Most of all immediately following the death of her father. But now she seems to be stepping out into the public arena through acting, modeling…

and maybe singing?

While Paris Jackson recently admitted to Jimmy Fallon that she writes songs in private, there doesn’t seem to be any burning desire for her to step onto the biggest musical stage. However, if a certain fast food chain was savvy and paying close attention, they would get Ms. Jackson’s agent on the phone ASAP and collaborate with her on a potential commercial and viral marketing campaign.

Just human nature to put two and two together.

Happy Monday!

Coldplay just released a new song today called, “Miracles,” which was written for the major motion picture, Unbroken.

It’s a new song from Coldplay. Enjoy!

Have a Miraculous Week! 

The Magic of Stars at Midnight

British sensation Coldplay is clearly excited to release their newest collection of musical beats for the world, so much so that they continue to give their anxious fans a song here and there to listen to well before May 19th.

Say what you will about them, but they are a band of, for and with the people.

“Midnight,” “Magic” and the latest single “A Sky Full of Stars” is a trio of lyrical adventures that’s revealing a connected message with a wide-range of sounds, from something barely there in “Midnight” (like a ghost…?) to a relaxed, mesmerizing performance in “Magic” to a “Charlie Brown”-like tempo in the song below. This little-known indie band (sorry, confused today for April 1st) really does appear to be telling a series of small stories that’s guiding us towards a crescendo of something reminiscent off their recent blockbuster album “Mylo Xyloto.”

Every kind of Coldplay fan should be able to listen to a ghost story they like and believe in off this album.

Coldplay’s newest release: “A Sky Full of Stars”

“Ghost Stories” will be released in its entirety on May 19th.

Despite the digital-age we live in, it really would be fitting to camp outside a record store the night before and roast some marshmallows with friends…

How else do you prepare to listen to ghost stories?