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This Wild Thing is…Major League

Don’t adjust your computer screen or smartphone, but the Cleveland Indians (yes, that Cleveland in northern Ohio) blanked the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 5 of the American League Championship yesterday 3-0 to cap a dominating 4-1 series to clinch one of two spots in the World –

wait for it Ted Mosby in what could be the greatest sports year of your fictional character’s life, along with all the real life people from Cleveland, Ohio/Indians fans everywhere

– Series!

And what team has the potential to land that prized second spot in the World Series? With the National League Championship series tied at 2-2, the team to advance will either be the Los Angles Dodgers or the Chicago CubsĀ (yes, those same Cubbies that play at the famed Wrigley Field). If the Cubs advance, stay tuned because there will be a blog to mark the occasion on Jimmy’s Daily Planet.

Okay, everybody take a deep breath as we all contemplate the very same reaction:

Are we living in a bizarro world right now?

Before we hyperventilate over the excitement of a potential Cleveland Indians v. Chicago Cubs World Series, let’s relax and allow a man whose career was defined by calmness, serenity and nothing wild.

(FYI – There is one four-letter word in this video clip)

If the Cleveland Indians don’t play this song (or wear those same uniforms) at any point during their World Series games at home, then Beverly Goldberg will announce via the jumbo tron that they have failed as a baseball organization, the city of Cleveland and movie fans everywhere.

Two guarantees about the forthcoming World Series:

  • If the Cleveland Indians are victorious, the entire city will have an identity crisis (Wait, we win championships now?)


  • This World Series will be a wild thing for the ages

Charlie Sheen, we know you’re a Cincinnati Reds fans, but throw the Indians a bone ball (literally) with a first pitch, sporting the glasses, haircut, hat, stare and all.