Daily Archives: October 10, 2016

Happy Monday!

That Awkward Engagement: Round 2.

Donna Laura Prepon and Kelso Ashton Kutcher were not only fictional best friends in that famously non-famous Wisconsin suburb of Point Place, but they are best friends in the non-fictional world.

Or so they thought…

Humorously, Laura and Ashton are strikingly similar when it comes to dealing with their real world engagement announcements. As a fan of the late ’90s-early ’00s sitcom about the ’70s, it’s great to see the cast members are still friends after all these years. One can tell if the chemistry on screen is genuine and the friendly back-and-forth between the two was reminiscent of their magic from That ’70s Show.

They’re still hanging out, down the street, just not doing the same old thing that they did last week.

Have an Awesome Week!