Daily Archives: October 4, 2016

Our Heads Should Be Full of Dreams

Charlie Chaplin established himself as an actor during the Silent Film Era of the early 20th century, yet his speech from The Great Dictator (1940) should be anything but silenced.

Coldplay had the terrific insight to insert the aforementioned Chaplin speech over the opening minute sequence of the “A Head Full of Dreams” music video. While the music video premiered back in August (featured in a blog), that speech continues to overwhelm in its wisdom and inspiring charge.

In an election season covered by the media (“journalism”) on a relentless basis, we have certainly heard it all from all sides, haven’t we? Interestingly, the speech from The Great Dictator (irony at its highest when you hear the speech) provide us the only things we haven’t heard during this presidential election:

An inspirational, tactful vision for a bright future for everyone.

It may take a fantastical adventure for Mr. Chaplin’s words to reach today’s influential leaders, but it’s worth a shot. Embracing the ingenuity, resolve and promise of the people instead of centralizing control to the powerful few…

Imagine that.