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Phil Can Be a Shadowy Punxster

And the winner is…


You saw and heard it. Famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has declared six more weeks of winter. Although, consider the fact that Phil’s forecast has not been 100% historically. Therefore, we’ll find out if he’s punking us in the coming month and change.

If so, that’s what Phil would call an ice burn.


I Came, I Saw, I Froze


That’s the expected low temperature tomorrow morning in Columbus, Ohio. 5. A single digit on the barometer.

Translation: Stay inside.

If you do venture outside, however, remember to cover your eyes. They can freeze.

And a trip to Macy’s can wait because that Santa tie will still be there a week before Christmas 2016.

Six Degrees of Breathing

We’re all first-time Jamaican bobsledders when our bones are chilling in single-digit weather.

When schools are increasingly being cancelled twelve hours before the start of the first class, that’s typically a sign to put on a pair of gloves, a scarf and a George Costanza puffy Michelin Man Gore-Tex jacket. The old school, non-digital thermostat that hangs outside everybody’s home will freeze in place at around 6-degrees tomorrow morning.

That’s chilly, even in Calgary.

Ahhhh…Smoke Breathe it in.

An Everest-Sized Movie…Literally

“…Everest  is another beast altogether.”

Make no mistake about, absolutely zero part of Jimmy’s Daily Planet is missing one degree of the freezing cold weather from winter. However, the trailer for the upcoming movie, Everest, seems to create the perfect goosebumps for these warm spring nights. It’s Friday, so sit back and relax with this new movie trailer with an outstanding cast that debuts in September…and then pop right back up from witnessing the life-threatening thrills.

It gives you chills just watching it.