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Dude, Where’s My Accent?

That’s acting! vs. That’s acting?

Acting is a equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. The dreamlike thrill of being on stage or in front of the camera is difficult to explain, but it brings out characteristics in yourself you never knew you had or have always wanted to express. The feeling is infinitely sublime.

Then, there’s the terrifying aspect. What happens when we do something wrong from taking a chance or not understanding the deeper meaning of the character or situation? Did we go too far or not far enough?

For acclaimed actor Jake Gyllenhaal, he’s been through both ends of this spectrum, even during the same audition…

Sometimes, we need to fail in order to see our path forward with clarity before taking our next steps. Sometimes, we need to laugh at ourselves.

Either way, don’t disappoint Peter Jackson.

We’ve all been in “that room” before. Next time, just speak with a British accent and you should be good.

An Everest-Sized Movie…Literally

“…EverestĀ  is another beast altogether.”

Make no mistake about, absolutely zero part of Jimmy’s Daily Planet is missing one degree of the freezing cold weather from winter. However, the trailer for the upcoming movie, Everest, seems to create the perfect goosebumps for these warm spring nights. It’s Friday, so sit back and relax with this new movie trailer with an outstanding cast that debuts in September…and then pop right back up from witnessing the life-threatening thrills.

It gives you chills just watching it.