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Six Degrees of Breathing

We’re all first-time Jamaican bobsledders when our bones are chilling in single-digit weather.

When schools are increasingly being cancelled twelve hours before the start of the first class, that’s typically a sign to put on a pair of gloves, a scarf and a George Costanza puffy Michelin Man Gore-Tex jacket. The old school, non-digital thermostat that hangs outside everybody’s home will freeze in place at around 6-degrees tomorrow morning.

That’s chilly, even in Calgary.

Ahhhh…Smoke Breathe it in.

Happy Monday!

Warmth is (finally!) supposed to be ushered in by Mother Nature herself this afternoon with a forecast in the 60s in Columbus, Ohio. This could very well be the beginning of the much anticipated (and prayed for) Spring season! Accordingly, I began to think of a specific movie that features great weather and elements of sunny disposition juxtaposed with undeniable change sparked by bright splashes of color.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to start thinking about the pure pleasantness of Spring.

Happy Monday!

Is Today March 20th or April 1st?

The first day of Spring has arrived! Unfortunately, the one and only Mother Nature has apparently been watching re-runs of Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” over the Winter season. In Columbus, Ohio, the high today is expected to be a warm 36 degrees. Fascinatingly enough, there is a discernible difference between a cold 36 degrees and a warm 36 degrees…Anyways, having endured a wintry season full of powerful snow storms and blistering winds, most people around here believe they have earned an early spring, asĀ ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ promised.

The bitterly cold winds I felt getting into my car this morning was a frustrating and instantaneous reminder that Winter still has a few more chills left in her back pocket. For those of us who have been searching through our dressers for the shorts we stashed away months ago, the forecast has put a wet blanket on our coronation of sorts to Spring 2013.

The video below perfectly highlights this feeling, with the roundabout symbolizing Winter and Big Ben and Parliament representing Spring.

So close, yet so far.