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This is one of those blog posts in which a picture video says a thousand words.

And a few skipped heartbeats.

Watching a GoPro’s crystal-clear footage of Ocean Ramsey and a great white shark sailing off into the deep blue sea is the perfect visual for confronting one’s fear with courage and (necessarily careful) precision.

A gigantic, terrifying fear with jaws.

Never Forget

Sixteen years have passed and yet that day will never fade from memory. And that goes for everyone who lived through the day that felt like the end of the world. While part of me wants to write endlessly about 9/11 recalling every detail and memory, the greater urge today has been to look back into the sky.

On September 11, 2001, I looked up into the clear blue September sky thinking how everything I knew had changed. A paralyzingly eerie feeling overwhelmed my entire body in this surreal gaze. And as a sophomore in high school, I was old enough to process what had happened. The tragedy of the day, with its heart-wrenching imagery, the heroism of the first responders and passengers on United 93 and the ever-lasting, sinking feeling that the world would never be the same will last forever.

The fact that my dad was almost in New York City, specifically the World Trade Center, on the morning of 9/11…Luckily, he got the last flight out of New York City back to Columbus on September 10th, completely unaware of what would happen just hours later.

RIP to all the victims and their families from the plane crashes in New York City, Washington, D.C. and the United 93 flight that heroically crashed in Pennsylvania.

Never forget and “let’s roll.”

Mo’ Cameras, Mo’ Problems

Philosophically speaking, it’s hard to argue with the eternal wisdom of The Notorious B.I.G., as highlighted in the title of their hit song, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.”

Enter surveillance technology:


At its core, the Nest Cam IQ shows how the company’s evolved from one that makes a fancy recording device into one that makes an intelligent robot—one that’s always watching, and always learning, about the goings-on in your home.
–Arielle Pardes, “Nest’s New Security Cam Keeps a Sharp Eye on Your Smart Home” on

Am I the only person who, after reading the above statement, is a bit terrified at the casual nature in which people are reporting and seemingly embracing technology that’s evolving closer and closer to the point of robotic consciousness and control over our most private space as private citizens?

The only thing more surreal, for those with any interest or curiosity with science-fiction and evolving surveillance technology, is if you were gifted a Nest Cam by your biological big brother.

Actually, what continues to be mind-blowingly surreal, is that people are excitedly big brothering themselves.

Jimmy’s Daily Planet maintains a very pro-innovator stance, which includes technological advancements and big, wild ideas. However, in equal measure, this blog has also always stood very firm in exercising necessary caution when it comes to embracing new inventions simply because something is branded new. The Nest Cam falls into that all-important Cautionary Category. There may be positives with the Nest Cam, but there are too many negatives at this point concerning personal privacy vs. potential advantages in the initial cost-benefit analysis.

Westworld, anyone?

So, This is Where the Budweiser Frogs Have Been Hiding…

You’ve heard the expression, “You’re the life of the party.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s one thing that will guarantee you will be “the life of the party” this weekend. The only catch is you’ll have to channel the supernatural powers of America’s favorite street magician David Blaine who can unbelievably demonstrate that not all aquariums fit on a table.

Plus the quick hands to catch, well, you’ll see. And Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry and Drake saw what I’m hinting at very, very close-up.

Yeah, I’d hop to the other side of the room too.