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This is one of those blog posts in which a picture video says a thousand words.

And a few skipped heartbeats.

Watching a GoPro’s crystal-clear footage of Ocean Ramsey and a great white shark sailing off into the deep blue sea is the perfect visual for confronting one’s fear with courage and (necessarily careful) precision.

A gigantic, terrifying fear with jaws.


Happy Monday

While we can’t always change what happens to us, we can change the way we see what happens to us.

This blog post, taking its place on the weekly Happy Monday circuit, has one purpose. And that purpose is to creatively showcase how we all have the incredible power to look at a situation from a completely different angle (or series of various angles) at any given time, thereby giving that moment a fresh perspective and outlook.

I’d like to say it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Except, it’s pole vaulting, so it’s not easy at all. However, the views are spectacular and well worth it, particularly when you let someone else do the whole pole vaulting thing with a GoPro camera.

Here’s to getting over the challenges of this workweek…perhaps with a bird’s-eye view?

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.