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Did Jurassic World II Start Filming?

As the kids say, “This is real life.”


There’s a video that’s gone viral of a giant alligator casually strolling on a Palmetto, Florida golf course. Keep in mind that Florida is no stranger to large alligators. These sightings are relatively normal. What’s fascinating is that the Floridians who witnessed this spectacle of nature in the original video were in complete awe and amazement at the size of this beast (~14-15 feet long) that’s technically classified as a reptile. This is one of the largest/longest alligators you may ever see.

To most of us, though, the giant alligator looks like…

Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant: You’re on.

The Jurassic Park angle is brilliant and the edits are wonderfully playful. Forget any local news or national newscast, YouTube user “Pim Roes” wins the day.

He found a way to best tell this story.