Daily Archives: June 17, 2016

Swap & Pop, Said Fred

And you thought the only difference between East Egg and West Egg was money.

You can say “Gatsby,” where the vocal range is aimed up with a splash of authority or “Gatsbee,” where the vocal range goes exactly straight out with no hints of, well, anything.

SNL-alum and impersonating savant Fred Armisen has a special skill that involves detecting the molecular, distinguishing accents from country-country and city-city and, quite possibly, from neighborhood street-neighborhood street in the same community. If you listen carefully during the video clip (and in everyday life), we all speak with a unique dialect.

However subtle, it’s there.

We should all burnish our current skills at acute vocal observations of the human condition, especially the next time you travel throughout Germany.

Doug E. Doug is shaking his head in disappointment. Fred Armisen was clearly missing his lucky egg.