The Icing on the Cake

Soccer has the power to cast other-worldly spells on people.

For non-soccer fans, it can be difficult to understand why scoring a single goal warrants a celebration normally reserved for a nation’s revolution. This passion, intensity and patience are qualities that make the beautiful game special. Without diving into a comprehensive analysis of soccer, this sport has a connection to the psychology of chess. In soccer, like chess, the back-and-forth dynamic enhances the match and deepens the resolve and strategy of both competitors. This is why, after hours of playing without a major breakthrough, that one move or goal validates every previous positive and negative act.

And that goal or checkmate represents so much more than the game alone. The sports we enjoy tend to reflect our personalities and mentalities towards life. In the Euro 2016 match between Iceland and Austria, the men in blue pulled-off a spectacular goal at the very end that sent the Austrians back to, well, Austria. However, the goal was only the second best part of this sequence.

Do you think soccer is important to this Icelandic announcer?

That’s beautiful.


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