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Finding the Elf Within Yourself

Ever feel like you don’t belong?

Do you strive to put a smile on people’s faces?

Are you from the North Pole?

If you answered yes to at least two of the questions above (doesn’t matter which), then some congratulations are in order: You are either an Elf and/or you consider yourself a buddy to family, friends and strangers alike.

And if you think about it, this is the season to be a great stranger. Yes, I’m aware of how that reads, but it’s true. Making sure to hold a door open, helping someone pick up a bag they’ve dropped or being cheerful (along with a nice tip) to the workers with those grueling holiday shifts. A little Christmas cheer never hurt, just as long as you cater it to understanding the hardships some may be going through. And just as every child deserves at least one present under the Christmas tree, every person deserves at least one genuine smile-worthy moment this time of year.

Enter another one of my favorite Christmas-themed movies: Elf. Here is a video with some of the best scenes from the film.

Buddy the Elf probably won’t fit on your shelf, but the movie Elf definitely can (and should).



Having finally watched 2013s, Saving Mr. Banks, which is the story of how the literary favorite “Mary Poppins” finally made its way to the silver screen in 1964 with the entertainingly fascinating steel cage struggle between author P.L. Travers and Walt Disney and his team of upbeat music-writing gurus, one can easily become inspired by Walt’s magical kingdom. Revealed in this cinematic journey is the incredible (and surprisingly unknown) back story of how one of the most popular and highly-regarded Disney films of all-time came to be.

But fear not, no spoilers here. The mention of this movie simply serves as the springboard to reminiscing about a beautiful short-film animation that plays before the 2012 animated feature film Wreck-It Ralph, courtesy of the Disney genius we’ve all come to love.

Just embrace the randomness (though the connection makes sense if you think about it).

Despite living in the midst of the digital era, it’s a pleasure to re-introduce Disney’s, Paperman:

Here’s to hoping for a little magic and wishful thinking today.

It is 11/11 after all…

Happy Monday!

‘Tis no secret that penguins are beloved birds. They are cute, surprisingly graceful in their wobbliness, majestic in water and always dressed to the nines. While Thanksgiving has yet to occur, and some may even grimace at the very mention of Christmas in early November, the television commercial below is really something special.

Department store John Lewis for the win.

Try to see the world a little different this week!

Happy Monday!

It’s time for a remixed beginning to the work week from the guy with the best white man Afro.

Bob Ross, take it away.

Have a Happy Monday with Some Paint (& Happy Clouds & Trees)!