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The Journey to Friday Will Never End


I want to bring TGIF back into people’s vernacular. It’s time this beloved acronym makes a serious societal comeback onto the big stage via pop-culture for expressing excitement over the weekend’s arrival.

I just hope I won’t get heckled while saying it…

Will Ferrell will be hosting tomorrow’s SNL with musical guest Chris Stepleton. TGIASNL (Thank Goodness It’s Almost Saturday Night Live).

That’s not as catchy as TGIF, but don’t stop believin’ in fun and catchy acronyms.


Happy Monday!

Random inspiration has the power to be one of the best things in life. It comes from an unexpected place and it overwhelms every instinct and every motivating thought process we have for ten minutes, an hour, a day or even an entire weekend.

If we’re really lucky, it’ll endure far beyond the boxy confines of any calendar…

This jolt of imagination and ingenuity can lead to an idea we never knew we could see in our wildest dreams. There’s the potential this random energy can lead to something worthy of being labeled genius. Or, it can just give us the motivation we’ve desperately been striving and searching for in our own journey of personal enlightenment and achievement.

The possibilities are endless, which is the good news.

Below is not the original Apple commercial, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones.” Instead, it’s the same copy, just read by someone different.

Truly different.

Happy Monday!

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
–Steve Jobs

Writing the Next Chapter of Our Most Interesting Story


Encouraging, yet frustrating.

How have I gone so far, but still have so far to go?

The horizon is teasing me by barely revealing my ultimate destination.

Of course, timing is entirely relative to the individual and his or her situation, whatever it may entail. This arduous journey of ours could require a dedicated half-hour, a long day, a marathon week, an enduring month, year or precisely 16-months of slight variations of feeling like the shell-shocked Bill Murray character in Groundhog Day.

What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same…

This quest of sorts could present metaphorical (or possibly literal) steep mountain faces, hot, sweaty and overwhelmingly never-ending jungle terrain or a maze of mathematical madness that looks and feels like an alien planet.

How does one become a master of administering the internal guidance for these types of convoluted circumstances? How does one trek through and ultimately survive the expedition?

The answers for each person (obviously) will vary. However, there is someone who has discovered a universally advantageous approach, mindset and style to facing life’s many battles with what seems like ferocious lions in the center of a magnificent, sprawling coliseum filled with a cheering crowd.

While his name is unknown, his stories are not. Whatever he faces in his life, he has managed to turn lemons into gold. His inspiring tales of adventure are incomparable. He makes every challenge look like an amazing opportunity (easier said than done). But, regardless, he wins…every time.

He is the most

Sometimes, all it takes is a sip of a particular honey-colored nectar to refresh one’s ambitions, confidence and assurances of their original goal. And doing so in the most interesting way imaginable.

Well, that’s my forecast anyways…(Operations Management: Check)

P.S. Do you know why there are two XXs on the bottle?

Because when the bearded adventurer found his treasure, he was so impressed, he had to mark it twice.

Stay positive my friends!

Orange is the New Awesome

Today, I am wearing my orange gingham J. Crew button up shirt, black jeans and a pair of faded black Converse high tops. Why? I’m glad you asked.

It was one year ago, on the Friday night before the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park in NYC, when I decided to take a stroll in the early evening around the neighborhood of my hotel when…

Me and Dave Grohl!!!

Yes, that is Dave Grohl! And he voluntarily took the picture himself!

For the full recap of how the entire day/weekend unfolded (and there is more to this story and day), please check it out!

Not only is orange one of my favorite colors (the Dutch), but by wearing this shirt on this day, I was reminded of how great it felt to just wander a little bit. Every now and again, it’s really nice not to have any plans and to simply walk outside and let life happen.

We are living in a world that is increasingly organized and scheduled down to the minute. There are times when it’s really nice to know when something will happen. Having structure is not bad, but there still needs to be plenty of random moments when getting a little lost is okay. Sometimes, that’s when you find what you are really looking for or hoping to find, even if you couldn’t think of it beforehand.

It took me only a matter of minutes to turn off the hotel television and walk outside for a routine stroll around the neighborhood in the early evening before meeting a girl for dinner (check out the link above). Just a casual decision.

And yet, here I am, still writing and thinking about that day one year later.