Happy Monday!

Random inspiration has the power to be one of the best things in life. It comes from an unexpected place and it overwhelms every instinct and every motivating thought process we have for ten minutes, an hour, a day or even an entire weekend.

If we’re really lucky, it’ll endure far beyond the boxy confines of any calendar…

This jolt of imagination and ingenuity can lead to an idea we never knew we could see in our wildest dreams. There’s the potential this random energy can lead to something worthy of being labeled genius. Or, it can just give us the motivation we’ve desperately been striving and searching for in our own journey of personal enlightenment and achievement.

The possibilities are endless, which is the good news.

Below is not the original Apple commercial, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones.” Instead, it’s the same copy, just read by someone different.

Truly different.

Happy Monday!

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
–Steve Jobs


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