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iPad Before iPhone Except After (Fore)seeing the Future

Wednesday is the perfect day for wisdom.

And random wisdom is the best.

The serendipitous moments that have generated inspirational ideas are some of my favorites. So much of life is unknown day-to-day and these instances of fortuity are proof of the boundless world we live in that can change for the better in a heartbeat. The trajectory of planned events can suddenly (and so frequently) take an amazing detour without warning. Without diving too deep into the psychological dynamic of unforeseen tangents, please click on the video below that features the late Steve Jobs revealing a secret of his initial business plan for a revolutionary product (for another revolutionary product, mind you) because of his gut decision to follow an inspirational moment during a developmental cycle that took him off his predetermined innovative path.

Embracing an inspirational aha moment (however small) can change your life, your business and, in some cases, possibly even the world.

While we may never definitively know if the chicken or the egg came first, we do know why the iPhone came before the iPad. And the answer is insanely great.

Working 9-5 (a.m.)

Ever randomly wondered about the inception of Apple, Inc.?

Same here.

Steve Jobs will forever be the face of tech giant and lifestyle brand Apple, Inc. However, it’s imperative to remind ourselves that there was another Steve in Apple’s lore:

Steve Wozniak.

This is Steve II’s memory of how a revolution was born soldered.

As we’re enjoying the Olympics in Rio, specifically the events and sports we watch exclusively every four years, what we see is the final stage of years of preparation and determination. Equally fascinating, though, are the preceding years and moments alone on the beach, in the pool, in the gym, on the winding road, on the pitch or in the garage.

How did these individuals reach the summit in their respective fields?

Steve Wozniak’s recollection of his youthful motivation for building computer parts serves as an inspirational lesson for us all. That lesson is to find our passion and start creating. And so often, the drive behind some of the world’s greatest innovators (and some Olympic athletes) isn’t always what we imagine from a distance. The sport is not always the central reason for competing. Still, from far away, we possess the clarity to recognize authenticity, inventive vision and talent and it’s what brings us into another person’s story with a powerful, magnetic attraction.

And apparently, if you want to succeed in tech, be named Steve. If you want to host a late night talk show, be named Jimmy, James or Jay.

I have always wanted my own studio audience…

Time to write my monologue jokes, until about 4:00 a.m.

Do You Have a Never Ending Story?


(Christopher Nolan, /FILM)

We don’t know what the story is, we don’t know when the movie will be released and we don’t know who will star, but fans of Christopher Nolan are excited.

Cinematographer Will McCrabb started this buzz-worthy news on his Twitter account, citing that the famed-director has completed a “comprehensive draft” for his next movie. There are no other details. Why does this matter? Aside from the joy this brings to Nolan’s dedicated fan base, it highlights the uniquely relentless attraction to all things involving the practicality-rooted, epically staged director. There are dozens of talented movie directors and celebrities in Hollywood, but the man who directed The Dark Knight trilogy and the mind-benders Memento, Inception and Interstellar has achieved what Apple has earned in the technology sector.

A rumor of simply starting something new (a movie or phone) is equivalent to interest gained from an extensive, tightly-orchestrated marketing campaign.

That’s incredible.

Reaching this point wasn’t easy or quick, but paving this reserved express lane in the bustling, chaotic age of information is a remarkable accomplishment. While endless speculation will follow about what story Nolan’s next project will focus on (stay tuned here), an intriguing tangent to briefly venture off into is how Christopher Nolan and Apple reached this level of fandom and mystery.

In their own way, Nolan and Apple make high-quality, original products with substantial investments that take their consumers seriously. In short, they reward their followers and, in return, their followers reward them. A lasting relationship is built. And this type of bond is transferable in any industry. Once this relationship develops, the benefits are wonderfully powerful.

Apple’s story was and is driven by the personality and mysterious genius of its co-founder Steve Jobs. Christopher Nolan and his cinematic family (wife Emma Thomas and brother Jonathan) write, produce and visually project their genius on the silver screen. At the heart of all this is imaginative storytelling. They present things in ways that make us want to voluntarily escape into their worlds and explore their visions. We immerse ourselves and become part of their story and reality.

Sorry MasterCard, but that’s priceless marketing.

Happy Monday!

Random inspiration has the power to be one of the best things in life. It comes from an unexpected place and it overwhelms every instinct and every motivating thought process we have for ten minutes, an hour, a day or even an entire weekend.

If we’re really lucky, it’ll endure far beyond the boxy confines of any calendar…

This jolt of imagination and ingenuity can lead to an idea we never knew we could see in our wildest dreams. There’s the potential this random energy can lead to something worthy of being labeled genius. Or, it can just give us the motivation we’ve desperately been striving and searching for in our own journey of personal enlightenment and achievement.

The possibilities are endless, which is the good news.

Below is not the original Apple commercial, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones.” Instead, it’s the same copy, just read by someone different.

Truly different.

Happy Monday!

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
–Steve Jobs