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1 Ticket Will Transport You to the Peril of 400,000

War is hell.

But the new film Dunkirk (an epic war story set for release this week) has been viewed as heavenly by movie critics regarding its acting veterans and young newcomers, storytelling dynamics and daring cinematic achievements involving practical effects in the air, on the land and in the sea.

Famed director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan explained his first ambitious journey into framing and telling a real story from history.

Having followed the inception of this film (I had to) concerning the earliest reports of what Mr. Nolan was up to following his 2014 science-fiction epic Interstellar, the fragmented bits of information that were revealed throughout the past couple years that a war film was the director’s next venture was genuinely thrilling. This news was before any IMAX cameras were reserved by his production team. And as Mr. Nolan says in the video interview above, Dunkirk strives to be an experience wherein the silver screen offers no barrier for the audience from feeling the intense action sequences being projected on said screen.

Dunkirk portrays a hellish ordeal for 400,000 Allied soldiers. For history’s sake, that’s a good thing and precisely what Mr. Nolan was aiming for with his brand new cinematic epic on a massive scale.

War is hell. However, if the events of Dunkirk had turned out differently, then something much larger than a solitary war would’ve become hell.

For that reason alone, people should see Christopher Nolan’s newest film centered on that surreal, and historically consequential, evacuation effort.

DUNKIRK Looks & Sounds EPIC

The very first trailer announcement for Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic project Dunkirk just landed on our shores.

Watch and get chills of excitement.

Watch again and get more chills.

Using the same marketing playbook as his 2014 science-fiction epic Interstellar, Mr. Nolan, Syncopy and Warner Bros. are offering the first theatrical glimpse about a year out from the release date (July 21, 2017). Given the success and ground-breaking nature of previous films from Christopher Nolan, his World War II story about the Dunkirk evacuation will have relentless buzz and anticipation. Nolan Fans, like myself, have been excited for this movie ever since it was revealed Chris and his brother Jonathan were spotted scouting shooting locations in the French commune. It’s fair to presume that attention for this film will not only last, but build with excitement during the next yearlong time frame.

And yes, I have the exact same question as you: Can I buy my ticket today?

Is it Determined To Be (DTB) a Mind-Bender?

(Photo by Stephen Vaughan)

(Photo by Stephen Vaughan, on an elaborately built set for Inception)

“Warner Bros. will release an untitled Christopher Nolan movie on July 21, 2017”
—Dave McNary, Variety

This enticing news broke last night. Because of Nolan’s insistence on working on one film at a time, the drip-drip nature of his top-secret reveals is a genuine thrill to his countless fans around the world. And yes, I’m one of them.

As of right now, we know three things:

  1. The summer of 2017 will be epic!
  2. Hans Zimmer will orchestrate yet another brilliant film score
  3. Michael Caine will be in the movie

As of right now, here are five predictions for the type of movie Mr. Nolan has written and will ultimately direct and produce with his family and team at Syncopy and Warner Bros.:

  • The Afterlife, exploring elements of faith and science
  • A post-apocalyptic thriller, akin to Blade Runner
  • A mind-bender (wait for it…) with a mid-20th century/Hitchcock/Twilight Zone aesthetic with a female lead character
  • The origin story for a new trilogy of a science-fiction favorite that’s not superhero-related
  • James Bond (More of a hope, really, even with Sam Mendes likely done after this year’s Spectre. The summer release date indicates it won’t be 007, this time)

Aside from James Bond, the one franchise he might get his IMAX camera on in the future is Star Wars. He’s publicly stated his love and eye-opening movie-going experience of Star Wars. Creatively, what he would add with his deftness at epic storytelling with gritty realism on the biggest scale with dynamic characters on practical sets elevated by astonishing twists and turns with lightsabers in the ultimate battle of good v. evil, wow.

Imagine that trilogy!

At this point, we simply don’t know. One thing we do know is this movie just became the hottest audition/interview to land in Hollywood.

Although, without a cell phone or email account, Christopher Nolan finds you…and he only looks on the top-shelf.

Do You Have a Never Ending Story?


(Christopher Nolan, /FILM)

We don’t know what the story is, we don’t know when the movie will be released and we don’t know who will star, but fans of Christopher Nolan are excited.

Cinematographer Will McCrabb started this buzz-worthy news on his Twitter account, citing that the famed-director has completed a “comprehensive draft” for his next movie. There are no other details. Why does this matter? Aside from the joy this brings to Nolan’s dedicated fan base, it highlights the uniquely relentless attraction to all things involving the practicality-rooted, epically staged director. There are dozens of talented movie directors and celebrities in Hollywood, but the man who directed The Dark Knight trilogy and the mind-benders Memento, Inception and Interstellar has achieved what Apple has earned in the technology sector.

A rumor of simply starting something new (a movie or phone) is equivalent to interest gained from an extensive, tightly-orchestrated marketing campaign.

That’s incredible.

Reaching this point wasn’t easy or quick, but paving this reserved express lane in the bustling, chaotic age of information is a remarkable accomplishment. While endless speculation will follow about what story Nolan’s next project will focus on (stay tuned here), an intriguing tangent to briefly venture off into is how Christopher Nolan and Apple reached this level of fandom and mystery.

In their own way, Nolan and Apple make high-quality, original products with substantial investments that take their consumers seriously. In short, they reward their followers and, in return, their followers reward them. A lasting relationship is built. And this type of bond is transferable in any industry. Once this relationship develops, the benefits are wonderfully powerful.

Apple’s story was and is driven by the personality and mysterious genius of its co-founder Steve Jobs. Christopher Nolan and his cinematic family (wife Emma Thomas and brother Jonathan) write, produce and visually project their genius on the silver screen. At the heart of all this is imaginative storytelling. They present things in ways that make us want to voluntarily escape into their worlds and explore their visions. We immerse ourselves and become part of their story and reality.

Sorry MasterCard, but that’s priceless marketing.