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The Journey to Friday Will Never End


I want to bring TGIF back into people’s vernacular. It’s time this beloved acronym makes a serious societal comeback onto the big stage via pop-culture for expressing excitement over the weekend’s arrival.

I just hope I won’t get heckled while saying it…

Will Ferrell will be hosting tomorrow’s SNL with musical guest Chris Stepleton. TGIASNL (Thank Goodness It’s Almost Saturday Night Live).

That’s not as catchy as TGIF, but don’t stop believin’ in fun and catchy acronyms.


Whine & Dine


Tastes great, it’s fine.

Friday is a great day to get outside of our comfort zones and try new things. This includes our sometimes restrictive food palate. A fun ritual is to pick a new restaurant (fancy or hole-in-the-wall) and taste something you’ve never dared to experience before. Relax in knowing this doesn’t mean indulging at the Anthony Bourdain-extreme, but just a small food item or drink would suffice.

An entire meal is more fun though, especially if it’s broken into six-courses. If you can, get Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton to sit at your table.

Sake really is the bomb.

Thank Goodness It’s Thursday

“Wait, Friday night was once a big night for TV?”

The following video clip is a primary example of what Throwback Thursday is all about in the year 2014:

When a golden night of television existed all on one network. Well, good things have a tendency to come back around. Girl Meets World currently airs on The Disney Channel on Friday nights. By season 2 or 3, could it return to ABC on Friday night with a couple family sitcom friends? A reboot of Full House is rumored to be gaining steam with many of the original cast members, with the charge led by John Stamos.

Let’s be clear: when a show has a character named Topanga, anything is possible…

A Resurgent Glow from a Golden Era

It is being widely reported today that, “Girl Meets World,” the spin-off series to the Millenial ’90s favorite, “Boy Meets World,” has officially been greenlit, according to Yahoo TV’s Kelly Woo’s article, “‘Girl Meets World’ Is Officially Happening! Disney Channel Orders Series.”

cory and topanga
Yahoo! TV/Eric McCandless/DISNEY CHANNEL – Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rowan Blanchard, and Sabrina Carpenter in the series premiere of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World.”

The purpose of the post is first to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Second, take a close look at the picture above. The best friends hugging is nice, as is Cory’s/Mr. Matthew’s reflective contemplation of his daughter’s best friend dynamic (Cory and Shawn…Cory and Shawn…) from the eyes of a parent.

This show is going to be a fascinating journey (FYI – This is the point where each of us does, “The Fenny Call”)!

However, the best part of the screen shot is the look on Topanga’s/Mrs. Matthew’s face. Her heartfelt glare towards the love of her life (Monkey bars!) transcends whatever is happening in this scene and encapsulates the return of the cool-family friendly-TGIF show from the ’90s.

The return of wholesome, cleverly written and wonderfully acted television with pertinent subject matters and important life lessons will arrive soon enough. 2014 will see the return of Cory, Topanga and Mr. Feeny (at least in the pilot). Perhaps a cameo from Shawn? Plays with Squirrels…?

Even if it’s just one show, turning on any spotlight to shine greatness starts with a glow.

P.S. Girls of America: Turn off the “Real Housewives” of wherever and start doing your video research on the beautifully intelligent and independent (with a healthy side of weird) Topanga.