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Gal Gadot Looks Pretty Wonderful

For fans of Wonder Woman, the news that the 5’9” Israeli actress Gal Gadot will portray the female superhero equivalent of Superman was likely met with long, overdue jubilation. Plus, a dose of ambiguity. Why? Because Wonder Woman fans have long wished to see this lasso waving superhero on the big screen as the central figure and not necessarily as a supporting cast member, potentially.



The specifics of her role will remain a mystery for everybody around the world except the very select insiders: writers, producers and director of the “Man of Steel” sequel. Before too much speculation and analysis, there are some positive characteristics Gal Gadot will instantly bring to Wonder Woman, regardless of her ultimate character contribution.

First, she is absolutely gorgeous. Second, she has some film experience (mostly with the “The Fast and the Furious” movies) and, therefore, will bring a fresh face and impression to audience members. In other words, most people will see her as Wonder Woman and not as a character from a past project/series trying to portray Wonder Woman. She will be Wonder Woman. And third, she will inherently receive an elevated standing (at least initially) because of the nature and anticipation of the movie and the sensational credentials of the director, producers and writers of “Man of Steel” and, yes, “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

Interestingly though, has the global box office success of 2012s “The Avengers” (~$1.5 billion) and forth coming sequel put a rush delivery on the DC Comics super get together for The Justice League, despite the global box office success of summer blockbusters with solo superheroes in “Man of Steel” (~$662 million) and “The Dark Knight” trilogy (~$2.74 billion)? Without seeing the “Man of Steel sequel, it’s impossible to judge the decision to inject the DC Universe together so¬† quickly after introducing Superman. Still though, seeing a longer, deeper character and story arc for Superman, Wonder Woman, the new Batman (maybe not so much) and The Flash would be legendary.

But, because of “The Avengers,” is there enough time or patience? Time will tell, but the fans were willing to wait (and excitedly!) during the 7-year, A-movie quality Batman trilogy…

Lassoing back to Wonder Woman, here are 10 questions (for today anyways) surrounding the announcement of her presence in the untitled “Man of Steel” sequel that will hit theaters in 2015, in no particular order:

  1. Doesn’t Wonder Woman deserve at least a solo movie treatment, given the story and cultural popularity of her character, plus her positive superhero image for girls and women alike?
  2. Will and how will her character fit into the darker, grittier Zack Snyder/Nolan superhero universe?
  3. What “world” will she, Superman and Batman exist in? Will there be multiple locations/cities?
  4. Will her costume have a narrative like Superman’s in “Man of Steel?” (ie- his suit was actually made of steel links) If so, what will it look like and what will the narrative be?
  5. Will Gal Gadot look like the Wonder Woman people know from the comics and television show or will she be a new, modern adaptation?
  6. There was no Kryptonite in “Man of Steel.” Will Wonder Woman keep her Lasso of Truth?
  7. Will Wonder Woman be merely introduced or will she feature in a starring role alongside Batman and Superman?
  8. Will Wonder Woman battle Batman and/or Superman?
  9. Will Alan Harper make an appearance somewhere in the movie as a star struck admirer while slinging his own Lasso of Truth?
  10. Bottom line: Will Gal Gadot define Wonder Woman for a new generation?

The anticipation will be wonderfully mysterious and intriguing.