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RIP Adam West

Adam West, most famously known as TV’s Batman, died on June 9th.

Living a life for 88 years is impressive. Now, recall the fact that he defined (however humorously) the image of the Caped Crusader for generations of Batman fans and his legacy begins to take a clearer shape. For many, Mr. West’s defining moment as Batman was that famous “wall climb.”

Ladies and gentlemen, movie/TV magic had to start somewhere. Still, that scene/”stunt” is a nice reminder and memory of the notion that things were simpler back then.

While Adam West will always be remembered as the more comical, light-hearted version of Batman, he’s still one of the very few actors who has portrayed this Dark Knight icon. And, in that spirit, let’s honor Adam West by giving him a modern cinematic treatment of Batman by way of a custom Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Thank you YouTube user “allcappsfilm” for that entertaining adaptation for many people’s first acting Batman outside the comic book universe.

RIP Adam West.

The Calm Before the Chaos

Time for Flashback Friday!

The best actors don’t look or (as a matter of fact) act like they’re acting.

Case and point: The late Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight is widely considered as the greatest cinematic adaptation of Batman. The film’s praise extends to any movie of any genre. Christian Bale certainly is the star lead of the trilogy, but the brightest star of the three films is arguably Heath Ledger. Mr. Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker will stand the test of time as one of the greatest acting performances.


Aaron Eckhart spoke about working with Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, providing insight into a process that changed the Batman universe forever.

13 years after Batman Forever.

RIP Heath Ledger.

Elocution’s Big Adventure

“Speak softly and carry a big stick…”
–Theodore Roosevelt

Projecting the right tone can be everything. No matter the endeavor, whether personal or professional, people respond to what and how they hear things.

During acting classes, vocal training and breathing exercises are no joke. In high school, reading from a textbook to the class in timid fashion can brand you for life in a not so flattering light. Mumbling words when hanging out with friends will spark an awkward question-and-answer session.

On the other hand, firmly taking a position with an assertive, yet non-abrasive tone on a controversial issue demonstrates knowledge and strength. Performing stand-up comedy that treats makes the back row sneak-in like the front row star earns street cred from the crowd. Picking the right messenger for the message is paramount (cough cough 2016 election on both sides).

However, the best way to prove the point about striking the right tone is illustrated in the remixed movie trailer of The Dark Knight Rises featuring an unlikely voice from the past.

A red and white bike riding past.

Safe to say this voice-over projects a wildly different conclusion to the Christopher Nolan trilogy that defined a generation. Despite being completely contrary to the film’s intended message, it’s one of those rare moments when the wrong tone was unthinkably transformed into the right tone by revealing a new, surprisingly entertaining perspective.

Speak softly and carry a big shtick.

Happy Monday!

Forget Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao, Batman v. Superman is the ultimate fight.

Comic-Con in San Diego is the premier annual gathering of all things comic books, superheroes and fantasy adventures. Fans dress up in costumes with striking detail (completely normal) and is the destination for all things nerd. Movie stars will surprise fans, sometimes in full costume. In 2011, Andrew Garfield, dressed in a costume store Spider-Man outfit, surprised the crowd with a heartfelt thank you to the fans before he introduced his movie’s panel.

In recent years, the teams behind blockbuster movies within this popular, ever-growing genre have used this venue as a launching pad for their projects. Watching and participating in exclusive panels with the stars and directors of these films are the hottest tickets, which includes the great likelihood of witnessing first-looks and trailers before everybody else.

The new trailer is here, the new Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is here.

Have a Wonderful Week!