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The Calm Before the Chaos

Time for Flashback Friday!

The best actors don’t look or (as a matter of fact) act like they’re acting.

Case and point: The late Heath Ledger.

The Dark Knight is widely considered as the greatest cinematic adaptation of Batman. The film’s praise extends to any movie of any genre. Christian Bale certainly is the star lead of the trilogy, but the brightest star of the three films is arguably Heath Ledger. Mr. Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker will stand the test of time as one of the greatest acting performances.


Aaron Eckhart spoke about working with Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, providing insight into a process that changed the Batman universe forever.

13 years after Batman Forever.

RIP Heath Ledger.

The Right Disguise in the Town of Tinsel

The Devil in the White City will officially come to life (a strange sentence, I know) on the silver screen.

Variety reports that Leonardo DiCaprio will play Holmes for Martin Scorsese in a long-awaited adaptation of the popular book. This will be their sixth collaboration after The Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, and Shutter Island. According to Variety, the project has been in development for more than a decade.
—Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair

In the era of CGI blockbusters, this breaking casting news for a gritty, dark story is oddly refreshing. Ironically, the outcome will likely not be as refreshing as we expect.

But not for the reason you’re thinking.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a gifted actor with an anywhere, anytime magnetism with fans around the world who become instantly attentive with the mere mention of his name. If he’s in a movie, people will see it. The Devil in the White City is a lauded novel with a gruesome premise: murder. And lots of it. Add in the fact that it’s based on real events and the cringe factor is elevated when reading it from the book’s 400+ pages, let alone graphic visual interpretations from a director who refuses to censor violence and its brutal consequences. As certain as the novel’s intense scenes will come close to meeting our imaginative nightmares, so will the DiCaprio-Scorsese partnership remain within the cinematic confines of their past collaborations.

These two Hollywood veterans will produce impressive performances in their own rights from back in 19th-century Chicago, yet this film will likely prevent DiCaprio from earning that sought-after golden statue at the Oscars.

Leonardo DiCaprio is such a money actor (in many ways) that it’s easy for people to envision him in the roles he accepts. That’s a valuable quality in Hollywood and it should be recognized as a defining characteristic of his everlastingly long career. However, some of the most memorable actors with similar charisma, before holding a golden statue with the words, “Best Actor” on it, took on surprising characters that people criticized with striking bewilderment.

There’s a forty second video clip that’s resurfaced from a 2012 documentary that includes Heath Ledger’s diary used for his preparation for his genius portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger carefully and purposely escaped into becoming the Joker with a terrifyingly original vision and daring creativity that resulted in something truly mesmerizing. There was outcry about his initial casting, yet this was met with nothing but legendary praise following his iconic performance of the diabolical Batman villain.

Heath Ledger shocked the cinematic world in the best ways imaginable in The Dark Knight.

The reason for mentioning Heath Ledger is he (like DiCaprio) had similar skills in playing a wide-variety of characters, but it wasn’t until Ledger took on a role of a lifetime that required him to utilize every single talent he had that he finally revealed himself as a true giant of acting. We were all amazed (and still are) at his performance. At the same time, the audience never saw Heath Ledger on screen. We only saw and heard the Joker.

Discovering how to escape in front of the public eye’s camera is one of DiCaprio’s goals with his personal life, but it’s also the devil he must defeat on film to ultimately grip that coveted golden statue in front of a billion people.

The Dark Apple

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

(emphasis on the latter here)

Rumor is that acclaimed actor Christian Bale is the leading candidate for portraying the late Steve Jobs in the major motion picture based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of the technology icon, with a screenplay penned by Aaron Sorkin. Fans of Bale, especially for his role as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight trilogy, cannot help but dream about the prospects of the actor bringing the same kind of intelligent, conflicted and controversial edge to the Apple co-founder (who was also intelligent, conflicted and controversial) as he did with Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego.

Every once in a while, Conan O’Brien and his team does something entertaining. The video clip below is one of those moments:

Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks apparently had more armor than I realized…

Applying Creativity to Unforgettable Visions

As the weekend is now only hours away from its inception, there are surely a myriad of great activities to do and interesting places to go and visit this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. There are new restaurants and menus to try and stores to shop at with unapologetic purpose. However, on March 14, 2014, Jimmy’s Daily Planet encourages you to schedule at least a couple hours for one specific endeavor in between your individual quests: take in an art museum.


Why not is a better question, but the reason for today’s recommendation stems from a reaction of rejuvenated curiosity from watching a video interview with a famed movie director who has produced multiple films told and shown with imaginatively epic storytelling for all to see on the silver screen.

Only the ambiguous dynamics and complexities of art directly bonds Francis Bacon with the modern Joker.

Let a painting put a smile on your face this weekend!