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Applying Creativity to Unforgettable Visions

As the weekend is now only hours away from its inception, there are surely a myriad of great activities to do and interesting places to go and visit this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. There are new restaurants and menus to try and stores to shop at with unapologetic purpose. However, on March 14, 2014, Jimmy’s Daily Planet encourages you to schedule at least a couple hours for one specific endeavor in between your individual quests: take in an art museum.


Why not is a better question, but the reason for today’s recommendation stems from a reaction of rejuvenated curiosity from watching a video interview with a famed movie director who has produced multiple films told and shown with imaginatively epic storytelling for all to see on the silver screen.

Only the ambiguous dynamics and complexities of art directly bonds Francis Bacon with the modern Joker.

Let a painting put a smile on your face this weekend!

What Will We Look Like in a Museum?

The incredible power of looking at a painting or sculpture is imagining what the artist was thinking over a period of time that took him or her from a blank sheet, or even nothing at all, to a colorful, even transcendent, finish. What was the thought process? The inspiration? The meaning?

Art is a fantastically ambiguous medium that stirs up emotions and reactions that range from happy and joyful to curious and confusing to sorrowful and heart-breaking to inspiring and magnificent. In some senses, art is universally objective and other times is purely subjective to the viewer.

Starry Night (of the 19th century) is beloved around the world. The perception of a vase from Ancient Greece with a story illustrated around the top rim is more subjective.

I wonder what the defining piece of art will be for the 21st century (so far)? What image or shapes will resonate with entire generations?

I have a strong inkling it won’t be a 2-dimensional painting or marble sculpture, but instead will be an experience.

Ask yourself: What is it like to live in the 21st century?

Whatever you decide, be inventive.