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Happy Monday

No matter who we are, we all need that spark of inspiration on Monday. And what’s great about inspiration is the awesome power it possesses by requiring the smallest amount of that “it” factor for incredible, life-altering change.

The inventiveness, not the movies about the scary clown and his red balloon.

Speaking of clowns, the funny kind, Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors. His brand of comedy is overwhelmingly unique, impactful, creative and inviting. While many critics contest he’s merely a professional goofball that drives his clown car off the road into comedic extremes, the more you listen to and discover about Jim Carrey’s past and present — the internal workings of his imagination and mere being day-to-day — the more you’ll discover there’s a person who does his signature silver screen jig while frantically changing the mask he wears like the rest of us:

Between drama and comedy.

The point is that we, believe it or not, are more like that dumb (or dumber?) guy than we may want to think or admit. Jim Carrey’s extremes reach far beyond where we go or can even see at any given moment, but fans of his (like me) have always wanted to get a glimpse of his yellow brick road to, one day, take a stroll unlike any other we could imagine.

That day is today and it turns out Jim Carrey’s road isn’t monochromatically yellow at all.

Yes, man.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

Where’s My Bike?

A starry dream realized.

Arguably one of the (if not the) best paintings in history is “Starry Night” by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. The swirling images, as told with brush strokes of vivid, other-worldly colors, has mesmerized generations of art lovers and casual viewers alike. This masterpiece has an eternally transcendent quality and that’s why tributes to this famous painting resonate so powerfully.

Someone even dared to take a stroll on this world renowned classic.

“In the Dutch town of Eindhoven, artist Daan Roosegaarde has paid homage to its most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh, by creating a glowing bike path that relies on solar-powered LED lights and interprets his classic painting Starry Night” (NPR, In a Dutch Town, A Glowing Bike Path Inspired By Van Gogh).

You can close your eyes and imagine what this wild vision would look like, or you can just click on the video below:

You can ride your bike or take a romantic stroll on this glowing masterpiece.

Either way, talk about following a path to the stars.

Happy Monday!

It’s time for a remixed beginning to the work week from the guy with the best white man Afro.

Bob Ross, take it away.

Have a Happy Monday with Some Paint (& Happy Clouds & Trees)!

The Art of Serendipity

I was in a bank recently and as I approached the counter, the tellers were all fixated on a new painting from a local artist hanging on one of the walls. Some of the tellers were standing close to it, others from a distance behind the counter. Each of them was transfixed on deciphering all the shapes. One of the tellers nearby was quite stunning, so I made every effort to sound artistically insightful around her.

It was a large piece, several feet by several feet. The shapes and figures were mostly recognizable, but not completely. For instance, some people saw a jazz band, like myself. A golden saxophone, cello and the suits stood out most prominently. Then, one of the tellers pointed to a potential drum set and, after looking more intently, I concurred. However, I “saw” too large of a drum set because then she pointed out three heads of people sitting in the front row. I completely missed them as did she at first glance. We thought the “head” in the bottom left hand corner was the kick drum…

We had a good laugh about that one.

Turns out, it was a painting of a jazz band. One of the tellers was told so by the artist himself. Still, as the tellers informed me (and as I experienced personally), everybody had their own interpretation of the painting and/or some of the distorted shapes. People were still seeing different things here and there. Not everybody saw the jazz band, but then others did see the three heads of people in the front row.

Either way, the painting is very cool, it’s hanging inside a nice bank and the artist successfully sparked a conversation about his work.


Interestingly, the journey to finding the “girl of our dreams” is much like looking at a beautiful painting. Most everybody sees the obvious beauty, but it takes that one special, right person to discover how and why it’s (she’s) a masterpiece.

The first step, in some situations, is casually starting a conversation with a stunning bank teller despite the crowded presence of her fellow female tellers, perhaps about a piece of art hanging inside a bank. Then, it’s about asking her out to dinner as smoothly as the strokes of paint in a prominent wall decoration.

Afterwards, maybe she’d find it fun to catch a set at a jazz club…

If so, talk about life imitating art.