Applying Creativity to Unforgettable Visions

As the weekend is now only hours away from its inception, there are surely a myriad of great activities to do and interesting places to go and visit this Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. There are new restaurants and menus to try and stores to shop at with unapologetic purpose. However, on March 14, 2014, Jimmy’s Daily Planet encourages you to schedule at least a couple hours for one specific endeavor in between your individual quests: take in an art museum.


Why not is a better question, but the reason for today’s recommendation stems from a reaction of rejuvenated curiosity from watching a video interview with a famed movie director who has produced multiple films told and shown with imaginatively epic storytelling for all to see on the silver screen.

Only the ambiguous dynamics and complexities of art directly bonds Francis Bacon with the modern Joker.

Let a painting put a smile on your face this weekend!


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  1. Wow great piece of video, thanks for sharing really puts another dimension of genius on Nolan

  2. Thanks! Christopher Nolan is definitely a cinematic genius and this video helps prove that.

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