Happy St. Patrick’s Day: No Tomorrow Version!

100%…1/2…1/3…1/4…1/8…or even 1/16th.

When tracing Irish ancestry, it doesn’t matter what the denominator is, as long as you have a one in the numerator, that constitutes a bloodline that flows through your body from a distant Irish relative, which means it’s party time today!

If you’re not Irish and you want to join in the festivities? Well, wear something green, sing-a-long to the songs of the old country, embrace the joyful craziness and bottoms up!

And if you happen to be a single girl with a cute smile, maybe give a kiss to a gentleman with some Irish in him wearing say, I don’t know (but I definitely do) dark navy jeans and a sharp green mini-gingham button down shirt…

There is an inclination nay, a responsibility of all us with Irish history in our bones to make this the most legen-wait for it…

dary St. Patrick’s Day of our lives!

If you’re nervous, rest assured because there are 2 simple words that will calm your hesitations down while simultaneously making you more awesome:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Read Me: I’m (1/8th) Irish!

P.S. There are only 2 more new episodes of How I Met Your Mother left before the Series Finale. Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. on CBS!

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