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I Should Have Asked for a Quill Pen for Christmas

‘Tis the perfect day to reflect on Christmas in the spirited mindset of an Oliver Twist-era poem (inspired by Barney Stinson and Ted Mosby, of course)

“To Grandma’s house we go!” the children gleefully shouted on a morning so chilly,
and fortunately for all of them, the trek wasn’t too hilly
With the sun shining bright, everyone packed their cars with gifts wrapped altogether neatly,
they knew each person would enjoy their presents completely and clearly
The food was delicious, all warm and toasty,
that the chaotic bustling was reduced to a setting quite cozy
A wine rack here, a signed book there, memories were created with tears of joy,
then the Griswolds took over with scenes of comedic madness, oh boy!
An elaborate fort was built, no parents allowed,
this made the children so happy and ecstatically proud
Once the feast was eaten, presents opened and thanks were said all around, 
we made sure not to forget about the man with the golden birthday crown
After all, it was a day to celebrate the son of G-O-D
by gazing at the stunning ornaments on our beloved Christmas tree!

I Hope Everybody Had a Merry Christmas!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: No Tomorrow Version!

100%…1/2…1/3…1/4…1/8…or even 1/16th.

When tracing Irish ancestry, it doesn’t matter what the denominator is, as long as you have a one in the numerator, that constitutes a bloodline that flows through your body from a distant Irish relative, which means it’s party time today!

If you’re not Irish and you want to join in the festivities? Well, wear something green, sing-a-long to the songs of the old country, embrace the joyful craziness and bottoms up!

And if you happen to be a single girl with a cute smile, maybe give a kiss to a gentleman with some Irish in him wearing say, I don’t know (but I definitely do) dark navy jeans and a sharp green mini-gingham button down shirt…

There is an inclination nay, a responsibility of all us with Irish history in our bones to make this the most legen-wait for it…

dary St. Patrick’s Day of our lives!

If you’re nervous, rest assured because there are 2 simple words that will calm your hesitations down while simultaneously making you more awesome:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Read Me: I’m (1/8th) Irish!

P.S. There are only 2 more new episodes of How I Met Your Mother left before the Series Finale. Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. on CBS!

Happy Monday!

Snow is falling. Cheer is in the air. The spirit of Christmas and the holiday season is being captured and celebrated in cities and towns across the country and the world.

This time of year calls for impromptu ski/snowboarding trips or venturing off to a cabin nestled within the majesty of nature.

However, today is Monday. Sorry, it’s the truth. The likelihood of escaping the grind of the work week is slim to none. But wait, today is Monday

Monday + 8:00 p.m. + CBS = “How I Met Your Mother” = A high probability of something happening that is Legen-wait for it…


Happy Monday and Make This Week Legendary!