Daily Archives: December 19, 2013

Writing the Next Chapter of Our Most Interesting Story


Encouraging, yet frustrating.

How have I gone so far, but still have so far to go?

The horizon is teasing me by barely revealing my ultimate destination.

Of course, timing is entirely relative to the individual and his or her situation, whatever it may entail. This arduous journey of ours could require a dedicated half-hour, a long day, a marathon week, an enduring month, year or precisely 16-months of slight variations of feeling like the shell-shocked Bill Murray character in Groundhog Day.

What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same…

This quest of sorts could present metaphorical (or possibly literal) steep mountain faces, hot, sweaty and overwhelmingly never-ending jungle terrain or a maze of mathematical madness that looks and feels like an alien planet.

How does one become a master of administering the internal guidance for these types of convoluted circumstances? How does one trek through and ultimately survive the expedition?

The answers for each person (obviously) will vary. However, there is someone who has discovered a universally advantageous approach, mindset and style to facing life’s many battles with what seems like ferocious lions in the center of a magnificent, sprawling coliseum filled with a cheering crowd.

While his name is unknown, his stories are not. Whatever he faces in his life, he has managed to turn lemons into gold. His inspiring tales of adventure are incomparable. He makes every challenge look like an amazing opportunity (easier said than done). But, regardless, he wins…every time.

He is the most

Sometimes, all it takes is a sip of a particular honey-colored nectar to refresh one’s ambitions, confidence and assurances of their original goal. And doing so in the most interesting way imaginable.

Well, that’s my forecast anyways…(Operations Management: Check)

P.S. Do you know why there are two XXs on the bottle?

Because when the bearded adventurer found his treasure, he was so impressed, he had to mark it twice.

Stay positive my friends!