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Happy Monday

There’s such a thing as comfort food. There’s such a thing as getting out of our comfort zone.

Well, there’s also such a thing as comfort nostalgia.

When things don’t go as planned, it can be a very trying experience to wrap one’s head around the situation. What? Why did this have to happen? I absolutely should have done that instead! What now…? And, as all of these questions (and more) are bouncing around your head without warning or resolution, reflect back and attempt to inject just a tiny bit of humor to temporarily break the ever-revolving thinking and analysis.

Worth a shot.

Any follower of this blog knows that That ’70s Show is a favorite at Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I’ve also always personally related to Kelso…that’s a joke, ladies and gentlemen. Eric Forman/Me: You’re up.

(I saw a taping of That ’70s Show after Topher Grace left and a couple of people who worked on the show walked by afterwards, saw me and said, “Hey, doesn’t he look like Topher?”).

*The specific backstory or conversation of the following scene is irrelevant, but rather that sometimes we need to realize that when things don’t go the way we expect or want, we just need to deal with it…sometimes in unorthodox ways.  

This moment is partly why we love (and need) sitcoms.

Have a Better Week than Last Week. 

It’s a Wonderful…Friendship

Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life go together like America and apple pie. Now add in a friendly bond that spans 7-decades and your understanding of the holiday spirit may very well be redefined in a great way.

It’s a Wonderful Life has its ideal combination of rough moments and endearing moments, which is a magical formula in Hollywood and in real life. Maybe this is why the black and white film is so beloved seventy years after its theatrical release in the era of Blu-ray? This film, a favorite among many for countless different reasons, proves that new isn’t always better and that we must remember that the past is not always so distant.

That sentiment is certainly the case with the children from It’s a Wonderful Life. A recent sit-down on the Today Show illustrates and confirms one of our hopes with any movie: That the cast really did get along and that there was/is a special bond between the actors and actresses.

Listen carefully for any bells ringing…

Merry Christmas!

Finding the Elf Within Yourself

Ever feel like you don’t belong?

Do you strive to put a smile on people’s faces?

Are you from the North Pole?

If you answered yes to at least two of the questions above (doesn’t matter which), then some congratulations are in order: You are either an Elf and/or you consider yourself a buddy to family, friends and strangers alike.

And if you think about it, this is the season to be a great stranger. Yes, I’m aware of how that reads, but it’s true. Making sure to hold a door open, helping someone pick up a bag they’ve dropped or being cheerful (along with a nice tip) to the workers with those grueling holiday shifts. A little Christmas cheer never hurt, just as long as you cater it to understanding the hardships some may be going through. And just as every child deserves at least one present under the Christmas tree, every person deserves at least one genuine smile-worthy moment this time of year.

Enter another one of my favorite Christmas-themed movies: Elf. Here is a video with some of the best scenes from the film.

Buddy the Elf probably won’t fit on your shelf, but the movie Elf definitely can (and should).

‘Tis the Season to Pledge Allegiance

Well, traditions technically begin with something happening for the first time…

Before we know it, families will gather and relatives will arrive for the holiday season. With Christmas just days away, it’s easy to settle into old habits. For many, that’s a reassuring feeling. Myself included. These moments bring a wonderful continuity in our lives. These traditions are special, nestled deep in our hearts.

Continuing from yesterday’s Christmas-themed movie favorite Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, I bring you yet another classic clip from a film that will surely be playing in homes across the country.

I am serious about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation playing in homes across America and don’t call me Shirley.