Monthly Archives: June 2013

Happy Monday!

Be optimistic that today won’t be just another ordinary Monday…

Have a Great Week…hopefully, with a surprise or two!

7 Wishful Notes

(VII) Be authentic

– Live in the now

(V) Be creative

* Do what you love

(3) Discover the impossible

+ Invite curiosity

(1) Find a way to show your imagination

An Action = An Opposite and Equally Funny Reaction

Life can be beautifully wonderful one minute and then transform into a personalized scene from, “Inception” that surrounds us without more than a moment’s notice. These situations/clashes can be countered with just a little extra effort and creative thinking on the part of adept individuals.

Where do you keep your bike helmet?

Feeling the Light

Some hold, some stand by,
and surely, there’s a reason why
It’s not just uncomfortable, but unnerving,
this is blatantly clear for all those observing
On the dance floor, he’s hesitant to take hold,
and with this absence, she’s definitively unsold
What is the problem? He wonders all day…
on the tip of his tongue, he then realizes the time has come to swim in the bay,
The night is right with a peaceful sky and stars aligned,
he knows he must take a deep breath if he is going to find,
The treasure sought by all of mankind
Some discover it on the surface, others in depths so deep,
that’s it’s only been seen in an imaginative sleep
When he notices a flicker, he instinctively follows the glow,
and it’s here where everything will finally show
It’s just the case that some must wait to see the reveal,
but once it arrives, it does so with great zeal
The moment has come to dance once again to see what unfolds,
and, as a magnificent surprise, everything around him starts to take hold