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Transcending Expectations

What’s the opposite of feeling like something’s new, yet with a contemporary twist?

For those who have listened to the single, “Absolution Calling” by the eternally stellar band Incubus, the question above is an appropriate adaptation (and observation) on a key lyrical phrase from the aforementioned song. Taking a bit of a hiatus, which included their iconic singer Brandon Boyd releasing a solo album, the group is thankfully back with new music. Two singles have been released, but when expectations are nearly astronomical, some time needs to pass to allow new material to mix in with their long list of iconic alternative rock hits.

And each listen proves they are still the same remarkable and innovative band, but with fresh stories to tell. In other words, they appear to be at the place any longtime fan would hope for. Their identity remains unambiguous, but with notes that offer an exciting unknown. “Absolution Calling” has produced a psychedelic vibe that’s sincerely driven by rock with peaks that stretches the creative minds of this band to the very ceiling of their studio. And still, the ceiling can be blown off and onto a Southern California beach under the stars without sacrificing quality or character whatsoever.

This next chapter, which will only involve a few new songs on “Trust Fall (Side A)”, sounds like a lost track that should’ve never been lost. It’s a genuine thrill to hear where they believe their music is after all these years and the point where they want to take off from with their fans.

It’s just very nice to know you are back Incubus.


7 Wishful Notes

(VII) Be authentic

– Live in the now

(V) Be creative

* Do what you love

(3) Discover the impossible

+ Invite curiosity

(1) Find a way to show your imagination