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Breaking News!

Only about twenty minutes ago, the newest trailer for the highly-anticipated science-fiction adventure, Interstellar, was released to the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our second glimpse at Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic epic:

This November, we won’t be able to look at stars the same way again.

Wonder Upon a Star

As a warm front spreads across Ohio, it’s fascinating how our imaginations then begin to warm to ideas in our minds of the seemingly unthinkable. A strange sensation for sure, but it’s true. Before stepping down into my car to pick-up a pizza for dinner yesterday evening, I found myself gazing up at the crystal clear night sky that was illuminated by an infinite portrait of shining stars. The sight was utterly spectacular. There was not a cloud on the horizon in any direction, a first in what seemed like in months.

It was a feeling of things boundlessly opened up.

On this Friday (which carries with it no special meaning), this blog implores you to think with no limits. Look up and see and touch no ceiling.

Last night, in the few seconds of staring into the heavens, this video instantly started playing in my head. Thankfully, it won’t be the last time.

Only 244 days left until we all travel into the stars with Interstellar.

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream”
–Vincent Van Gogh

The Infinite Possibilities of the Unknown

Two things:

First, Matthew McConaughey has officially transitioned from a charming romantic comedy staple to a character actor that explores deep, complex and sometimes morally conflicting terrain and alleyways. To clarify, his transition is not necessarily permanent and is somewhat representative of a Game Show portfolio. He can pick Door #1 (serious), Door #2 (comedy) or Door #3 (sports/drama).

It’s not a bad hallway to walk through each day as an actor. However, it’s not yet clear which door he’s built or walked into with his most recent adventure with a relatively unknown, independent British filmmaker…

Some of his roles recently (Mud, Dallas Buyer’s Club, The Wolf of Wall Street) surely have taken McConaughey into new levels of the unknown. The same likely goes for some of his longtime fans. Will these more serious character portrayals shine a new light on a before darkened corner in the actor’s study to reveal a gold envelope containing a decorated card stock with his name written on it?

Time will tell…

Speaking of time, the second note today involves the recent release of a trailer for director Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-bender: Interstellar. From Memento (psychological) to Inception (dreaming) to The Dark Knight trilogy (pain, fear, chaos, belief), Nolan and Co. (& Syncopy of course) has now entered the world of science fiction with Interstellar.

Here is the first glimpse:

The question isn’t whether or not¬†Matthew McConaughey can successfully propel himself into a new horizon in the stars that leads him to an Oscar, but rather if Christopher Nolan will have a good reason to invite him on another crazy road trip in the future, as the director tends to do with a select group of actors and actresses.

The better question today is will you take the ultimate journey to explore the unknown with McConaughey one year from now?

7 Wishful Notes

(VII) Be authentic

– Live in the now

(V) Be creative

* Do what you love

(3) Discover the impossible

+ Invite curiosity

(1) Find a way to show your imagination