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Happy Monday!

During a Monday Night Football halftime break, projected on television screens for all to see, fans were blown, blown away…

This new trailer (and pre-sale tickets) has awakened the world yet again to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. It is ironic, though, how The Force Awakens trailer was scheduled for its big reveal during the halftime of an NFL game. Consider that when the movies first premiered, the football jocks made fun of the science-fiction nerds who were fans of Star Wars.

How the world has changed with help from lightsabers, iconic characters in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil and the force.

And that gold bikini.

Take a Deep Breath…The Future arrives this Wednesday!

Breaking News!

Only about twenty minutes ago, the newest trailer for the highly-anticipated science-fiction adventure, Interstellar, was released to the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our second glimpse at Christopher Nolan’s next cinematic epic:

This November, we won’t be able to look at stars the same way again.