Daily Archives: June 6, 2013

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Today marks my 123rd written post!

It’s strange, but whenever I see numbers align to “123,” I instinctively see it as good luck. I believe it’s a sign from the Universe that something was meant to come together in harmony.

Remarkably, this sequence of numbers has a power over me that can instantaneously influence my day. A routine will be adjusted to accommodate this glowing symbolism of “good fate.” There is a distinct possibility that my thoughts on this are drawn from the seeming rightness it represents. When we are young, 1-2-3 indicates the right order. We all learn to count to ten and to pronounce the alphabet at a young age. Within this mindset, when we counted from 1-10 and said the alphabet, everything made sense. Any anxiety, even the tiniest amounts at this age, was a million miles away. Essentially, it was a psychological safety net.

The rhythm of life was good.

As I’ve grown older, when the grouping of these three numbers is revealed it happens, at times, in a more discreet and fun manner. These fun and random surprises are so often times the best as they serve as a special vindication of a preconceived idea or spontaneous decision. This could be change from a meal, an order number, the channel on the TV for a show one night, etc. Just life at work.

1-2-3 can also be viewed in a traditional sense, such as time, a price or as representing a beginning, a middle and an end. For example, this goes for giving a certain speech, doing the high jump (first seven steps or so, the turn and the jump), playing in a soccer game (first half, halftime, second half) and a meal (appetizer, main course, dessert), plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. These comforting examples are endless, but are there nonetheless.

The movie I have been waiting for ever since its first teaser trailer last summer is, “Man of Steel.” The music for the third trailer is described as, “An Ideal of Hope” as composed by movie score icon Hans Zimmer of Germany. Indeed, the following song is located in this blog’s “Amazing” section. However, please listen to it again here and see if you can distinguish how Zimmer guides us on his musical journey in a quiet to explosive 1-2-3 structure.

Is it a more reassuringly powerful instrumental now…?

Anyways, I better stop writing and get this thing posted. It’s 1:23 p.m. after all.

Plus, it’s my lunch break and there’s this girl I’ve been wanting to start a more fluid conversation with for a long time now. Okay, deep breath. It’s gonna be as easy as 1-2-3.

And Universe, I’ll be looking.