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Nolan…Christopher Nolan

Each actor who has portrayed the legendarily iconic James Bond (007) has done so with his own degree of vigor and personality that are exclusive to the most powerful, and ironically, most famous secret agent in the world.

2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Bond Franchise in movies, starring the character written into the world by Ian Fleming. The 23rd and most recent cinematic adventure was expertly titled, “Skyfall.” It earned more than $1 billion worldwide and was a sensational return to the top of the movie surface from the financial abyss the franchise found itself in a few years ago.

James Bond is back and not just in Hollywood.

The prospect of epic movie director (and Brit) Christopher Nolan directing the next 007 movie, sans any potential scheduling conflicts, has intrigued Bond fans because of his treatment to Bruce Wayne in the Batman trilogy and his producing role in the upcoming, “Man of Steel.” Not to mention his visually stunning and overwhelming mind-bender known as, “Inception.” The door in the theater showing the premiere of the 24th 007 movie is slightly cracked with a sliver of light and noise emanating from it with presumed hints of the most epic adventure in James Bond history.

Fans are already “air-violining” and orchestrating their own Hans Zimmer treatment in their imaginations. James Bond would very likely be thrown onto the biggest stage of his life.

However, reports are swirling that the once not interested “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes is in negotiations to direct two more Bond films. Full disclosure: Mendes did a fantastic job with “Skyfall.” It was a great movie with a great villain! And yet, the prospect of Nolan sitting in the director’s chair for the legendary franchise still intrigues with a feeling that James Bond would be taken to another level…

For one thing, Nolan would have the right 007, “reporting for duty.”    

Daniel Craig is the strongest and most emotionally raw and conflicted James Bond the character has ever known. In modern film, our heroes are no longer assumed to be the strongest or to act with near perfection. Audiences want to see and feel strength, heartbreak, love, speed, struggles, intelligence, wit, flirting and, above all, humanizing qualities. For better or worse, this is the reality. Fans want to be shown that the adventures on screen could happen in the chaotic world we populate today by someone who lives in the same world we inhabit. They want to see familiar streets, recognizable landmarks and buildings, crowds of people, cars, markets, etc., all while following one of the most luxurious lifestyles of any spy in history.

We want to believe that 007 could, at some point, dash past us in an Aston Martin or sprint through a crowded sporting event in the street to catch the bad guy. The likelihood needs to exist where he can be broken down at moments, both physically, mentally and emotionally. In some cases, these bruises, in whatever form, carry-over for a period of time and, at some point, have to be confronted and dealt with in some way. Three movies in, Daniel Craig has achieved this rare feat.

With the ingredients of throwing in a flawed hero, destined for greatness, who has had to overcome a lifetime of loneliness, heartbreak and confusion, using the real world as his stage, creating an enemy with a sinister yet mesmerizing  intellect, big explosions, luxurious surroundings, beautiful women, conflicting relationships, Michael Cain, and a richly complex and original story, the top-shelf lists of chefs have to include and feature master chef Christopher Nolan.

And, Nolan has stated publicly how he is a big fan of James Bond. The reason for mentioning this is that 007 would not be a résumé builder for him, but instead a passion and honor.

The hypothesizing/wishful thinking of contemplating the story, characters and their developments, casting, settings, soundtrack, enemies, etc. of a Nolan-directed Bond film will come in a future post. The very prospect sure does conjure up an “epic” aura…

For now, we can only dream…and then dream again…